Residential Mailboxes

Residential Mailboxes have been a popular product line and specialty offered by National Mailboxes for many years which manufacturers, supplies, and distributes a wide selection of residential mailboxes both indoor and outdoor models to residential home owners and home owners associations across the country. From single compartment residential mailboxes to multi-compartment residential mailboxes, there are many types, styles and models to choose from. National Mailboxes has been specializing in producing and distributing high quality residential mailboxes for many decades and has millions of residential customers in all 50 states. Primarily free standing single compartment outdoor pedestal style curbside locking mailboxes seem to be the popular choice among single family home owners, rural home owners, as well as other residential applications such as residential multi-family or multi-tenant situations and condominiums or home owners associations-(HOAs). In addition, many different wall-mount recessed style multi-family residential mailboxes are also available at National Mailboxes.

Locking Residential Mailboxes

Our superior quality locking residential mailboxes offer the security of locked mail and parcel storage with the convenience of a traditional mailbox. These units can hold over two weeks worth of mail equipped with a large storage capacity and have a spacious outgoing mail compartment as well. Constructed of heavy gauge anodized aluminum metal and available in a variety of powder coated finish colors and mounting options, our residential mailboxes are reliable, durable, secure, and attractive for the individual or home owner requiring a mailbox with enhanced security, expanded storage capabilities and durable, rugged, construction.

Curbside Mailboxes

Some of our popular pedestal style single tenant compartment residential mailboxes include our: private locking mailboxes, curbside mailboxes, roadside mailboxes, mail chest mailboxes, and rural mailboxes. Our standard features on these units include durable heavy duty rust free aluminum construction, an angled incoming mail slot which prevents theft, convenient outgoing mail shelf, and large mail/parcel storage capacity which can handle several weeks’ mail. Our standard finish on many of the models is a clear anodized aluminum/silver finish, but many other powder coated color finishes are available. The USPS Standards for curbside mailbox placement are 42-48″ from road surface to point of mail entry, and 6-8″ from front face of curb to mailbox door. In-ground posts are available for in-ground style mount or bolt mount style pedestals are available if concrete foundation is already present. Post/Pedestal mount installation instructions are provided by National Mailboxes customer service/sales dept. On many of our curbside residential mailboxes special spreader plates are also available, which are mounted to the pedestal/post and allow multiple mailboxes to be mounted to one pedestal or post. There is a 2-wide, 3-wide, and 4-wide spreader plate which allows you to mount as many as four residential mailboxes to one pedestal or post. This is a very cost effective solution and eliminates having to order the separate posts or pedestals.

Multi-Tenant Residential Mailboxes

A few of our popular multi-family or multi-tenant residential mailboxes which also fall under the category of commercial mailboxes include our pedestal style: new high security front loading Cluster Box Units-(CBUs) and older rear loading style Neighborhood Delivery & Collection Box Units-(NDCBUs). Our USPS Approved Cluster Box Units have built in integrated parcel locker compartments for packages, an outgoing mail compartment, as well enhanced security features to meet or exceed the new postal regulation guidelines. Some of our USPS Approved wall-mount recessed style multi-tenant residential mailboxes could also include our new 4C High Security Horizontal Mailboxes, Standard Horizontal Mailboxes and Vertical Mailboxes. Front loading and rear loading models are available, standard finish is our anodized aluminum/silver finish which is corrosion resistant and rust-proof as well as wide selection of other powder coated finish colors. For multi-tenant mailboxes see commercial mailboxes for greater details and information.