NEW 4C Series Pedestal Mounted Collection & Drop Boxes - High Security (Includes Pedestal)

4C Series High Security Pedestal Mount Mailboxes – Commercial Mailboxes

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The New 4C Pedestal Collection and Drop Boxes from National Mailboxes are ideal for all your individual or business collection needs. Our high-quality heavy-duty aluminum and high security units allow contents to remain safe and secure until the user is ready for collection pick up. Not only for packages and parcels but perfect for DVDs, videos, x-rays, books, key drops, and many other useful collection applications. Our special pull-down hopper door handle and mechanism allow for easy and fast package deposits. Units are USPS Approved and can be equipped with a postal master arrow lock by USPS for USPS use/access exclusively for outgoing mail collection. Or they can be equipped with a private lock and be used for private party use/access. All 4C models are weather resistant and rated for outdoor use providing decades of use. Prices include the pedestal stand and a wide selection of attractive protective color finishes are offered.

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