Letter Locker Locking Mailboxes - USPS Approved

Wholesale PricesLetter Locker Mailboxes from National Mailboxes are constructed of the best quality craftsmanship and built with the best quality materials in the industry today. They are constructed of heavy duty gauge electro-galvanized steel for added strength and durability to provide decades of extended use and extended life. Various high quality weather resistant powder coated finishes are available to select from include: black, gray, bronze, tan, and white. Learn More

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  USPS Approved

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Showing all 13 results

Product Line Features:

  • Our postal use letter locker mailbox is perfect for smaller businesses that require both secure or locked incoming and outgoing mail. These units are designed for commercial use and are not meant for residential use or applications.
  • Our postal use letter locker mailbox requires local postmaster approval and comes with the front door prepared for the USPS postal lock, which the post office installs-free of charge. (if they approve of it)
  • Our standard letter locker mailbox comes with a pull down type front door which doesn’?t require the postal carrier to have a key. This unit also includes a secure chute that prevents a person from reaching in and stealing your mail.
  • Both type letter locker mailboxes include three tenant lock options-Level 1 is the standard 5-pin hook cam lock. Level 2 is the new Claw Lock which has a 11 gauge stainless steel cam that presses up on lift plate, rotating four stainless steel claws into the door bracket receiver (which quadruples the security of the lock) Level 3 uses the exact same Claw Lock design with a high security Medeco dead bolt lock which is the highest in security.
  • Additional charges do apply for the Claw Lock and Claw Lock with Medeco dead bolt options.
  • National Mailboxesletter locker mailboxes are offered with optional in-ground mount pedestals or concrete pad surface mount pedestals.
  • Optional spreader plates are also offered for multiple mailbox mounting.
  • Our standard letter locker mailboxes are USPS Approved and Postal Certified and do not require the USPS Postal Arrow Lock.

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