Parcel Lockers – NEW High Security Type (For Packages Only) – USPS Approved

Wholesale PricesNational Mailboxes offers a wide selection of high quality heavy duty aluminum parcel lockers for packages both USPS Approved models for USPS use/access and private use/access models for private party distribution. Parcel lockers are strictly designed for packages only and cannot be used for mail delivery. They are intended to be used in conjunction with mailboxes placed or installed next to them. Recessed in-wall mount style are available and surface wall mount style models also available as well as pedestal mounted style models. Parcel lockers provide a place to safely and securely store large packages and parcel deliveries. They can be installed independently or integrated into front or rear loading commercial wall mounted horizontal mailboxes and pedestal mounted commercial mailboxes. Choose from a variety of different parcel door sizes and attractive protective color finishes. Current postal regulation requires 1 parcel locker door for every 10 tenant compartments. Learn More

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Product Line Features:

  • All aluminum construction
  • Superior strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional durability
  • Durable powdercoat finish resists scratching and vandalism
  • Available in a variety of stylish colors
  • USPS approved
  • Reliable package delivery systems
  • Pedestals included with pedestal mount parcel lockers
  • Ideal for all residential and commercial developments
  • For Packages Only (Parcel Lockers are NOT designed for mail and cannot be used for mail delivery)

Parcel Locker Operation and Use

Parcel Lockers are strictly designed for packages and parcels ONLY and cannot be used for mail delivery or mail collection. Parcel Lockers have two locks and two keyholes and come with a special captive tenant trapping control lock along with the USPS postal master lock that your local post office installs and uses. These lockers can be used for either USPS use/access which most parcel lockers are used for this postal application as long as the parcel lockers are USPS Approved OR they can be used for private party use/access which is for private party distribution. This means a private person or individual does the actual mail delivery and mail distribution. In this case, the parcel lockers would need to be equipped with a private master control lock which would need to be purchased separately for this private use.

However, USPS Approved parcel lockers for USPS use/access are the most common and most popular and are designed to be used in conjunction with commercial mailboxes placed by or next to them. So, everybody or all tenants share these parcel locker compartments depending upon who has a package on any given day. The parcel locker doors-to-tenant doors ratio, that USPS now recommends and requires, is having 1 parcel locker for every 10 tenant doors. However, some of this depends upon your actual volume of packages and parcels. Maybe some of the tenants are actually small businesses and not residential such as accountants or attorneys and receive lots of daily and weekly packages.

So to recap here, if somebody or some tenant has a package on any given day the mail carrier will leave a parcel key in their mailbox, so the tenant then retrieves the parcel key when opening their tenant door for retrieving their mail. The tenant then opens the parcel locker door to retrieve their package and the parcel key will then stay stuck or trapped in the keyhole which only the mail carrier can release it the next day by using/opening the second keyhole which is their USPS postal master lock. This is a special locking system designed for obvious security reasons so that parcel keys are not permanently given out to the tenants.

Parcel Locker FAQs: