Plastic Mail Hampers

Wholesale PricesPlastic Mail Hampers from National Mailboxes are used to easily facilitate the transportation of packages and mail throughout your businesses building. They are crucial for your mail center if you or your business receives lots of mail and packages. Plastic Mail Hampers allow packages to be easily moved around the building from loading to delivery. They are ideal for use at post offices, mail rooms, production rooms, maintenance facilities, and anywhere that Mail Hampers are used. Learn More

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Showing all 4 results

Product Line Features:

  • Securely move hundreds of bulk packages and mail in a single trip
  • Lightweight and durable polyethylene mail hamper stands up to the rigors of daily use
  • These hampers have two fixed and two swivel 4 inch casters for easy rolling and pushing control
  • Four Hamper sizes to choose from: 8-bushel, 12-bushel, 16-bushel, and 20 bushel
  • Available in Blue or Grey
  • Ships assembled