12" Wide Four Tier Vented Metal Lockers

Wholesale Prices12″ Wide Four Tier Vented Metal Lockers from National Mailboxes provide visibility and maximum air flow with ample storage space for athletic gear and other items. Lockers are a necessity in schools and locker rooms but also work great in break rooms, employee changing rooms, health clubs, government facilities, or other settings where personal secure storage is needed. Metal Lockers are made of 16 gauge steel which makes them extremely strong and durable providing many years of reliable service. They come in different configurations including 5′ or 6′ high, and 12″, 15″, or 18″ deep. Learn More

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Showing all 12 results

Product Line Features:

  • Provides visibility and ventilation inside the lockers
  • Constructed of 16 gauge steel
  • Ideal for colleges, high schools, locker rooms, employee changing rooms, government agencies, gyms and many other applications
  • Available as unassembled or assembled (additional charge for assembled)
  • Feature a durable powder coated finish
  • Available in heights of 5 feet and 6 feet (add 6″ for legs)
  • 5 foot high lockers have a compartment size that is 12″ wide, 60″ high and 12″, 15″ or 18″ deep
  • 6 foot high lockers have a compartment size that is 12″ wide, 72″ high and 12″, 15″ or 18″ deep
  • Available as 1 wide or 3 wide units
  • Each locker compartment features an adjustable hat shelf, 3 single wall hooks and a double ceiling hook (the 18″ deep lockers also include a coat rod)
  • Units include a lift up handle and recessed hasp for added security and can accommodate built-in combination or key locks and combination or key padlocks

Product Line Options

  • Sloping hoods, end bases, and front bases
  • Corner, top, and vertical fillers
  • Finished end panels
  • Engraved name/number plates
  • Built-in combination or key locks
  • Combination or key padlocks
  • Lockers without legs

Colors: Blue, Gray, and Tan