Key Lockers

Key Lockers are perfect for quick and easy access to homes and businesses by friends, associates, real estate brokers, renters, and emergency personnel. They are easy to mount or hang on doors or any suitable location. They can be left where the keys are needed for easy access, or leave in a secret location for added security. It’s simple to reprogrammed your Key Locker to any 4 number combination as often as you need to.


  • Key lockers provide convenient access to stored keys.
  • For private use/access
  • Our key lockers are manufactured of zinc and powder coated black
  • A combination of four (4) numbers can be set and changed by owner
  • Wall mounted or shackle style Key Lockers available

For more product info contact the National Mailboxes Customer Support Center at 1-800-676-5161

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Showing all 2 results