Private Distribution Wall Mount Horizontal Mailboxes - For Private Use/Access Only

High-quality Commercial Mailboxes made in the USA

Wholesale PricesPrivate Distribution Wall Mount Horizontal Mailboxes from National Mailboxes come in both front loading style-(H1600 Series) and rear loading style-(H1700 Series) models and are manufactured from heavy duty aircraft aluminum. These high quality horizontal mailbox units are recessed in-wall mounted style and fully recess into the wall. They are specifically designed for private party mail distribution and are not USPS Approved for direct US mail delivery. Tenant door locks and keys are included and two protective color finish selections are available to choose from including standard aluminum finish and dark bronze finish. These private use/access commercial wall mounted mailboxes are ideal for university mail rooms, college dormitories, corporate mail rooms and military bases. Learn More

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Product Line Features:

  • For Private Use/Access Only (Private Party Distribution)
  • Front Loading Style or Rear Loading Style (Open Backs)
  • Recessed, In-Wall Mount Only
  • Each door comes with a 5 pin cylinder lock for the highest security
  • Includes two keys per door

More Information About Our Private Distribution Horizontal Mailboxes:

  • Private Distribution Mailboxes can also be customized upon request for an upcharge to get the appropriate number of tenant doors, parcel locker compartments, and outgoing mail compartments
  • Different mailbox configurations available from a 21-door unit to a 72-door unit. More custom configurations are available.
  • Our private use/access mailboxes are made of heavy duty gauge aluminum for extended life.
  • Both front loading-(H1600 Series) and rear loading-(H1700 Series) units are available. Front loading units come with one master door for entry access.
  • Each door comes standard with a plastic number slot for door identification, or custom engraved door numbers are available.
  • Special options also include combination locks and black filled engraving.

Colors: Standard color is Anodized Aluminum. Dark Bronze available for an additional charge