Letter Locker Collection Mailboxes (High Security Type)

Wholesale PricesLetter Locker Collection Mailboxes from National Mailboxes are ideal for use at large institutions like universities, airports, schools, medical facilities, and government agencies. These pedestal style commercial collection boxes are a great fit for customers who receive large amounts of incoming mail as well as large amounts of outgoing mail. Local Postmaster Approval is Required if you plan to use them for USPS Use/Access. Learn More

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Showing all 11 results

Product Line Features:

  • The US Postal Service-(USPS) will place a mail tote or bin filled with incoming mail in the collection box while removing the existing bin of outgoing mail.
  • Our letter lockers are all prepared for the USPS lock for mail carrier access and requires local USPS approval. These units are meant for commercial use. Private use/access collection boxes are also available with a $64.50 upcharge for second private commercial lock.
  • The tenant door is equipped with a commercial 5-pin cylinder cam lock.
  • If for USPS Use/Access Local Postmaster Approval is Required
  • Optional pedestals are available in surface mount concrete or in-ground mount.
  • Made of heavy gauge electro-galvanized steel construction
  • Several powder coat finish colors are available including gray, bronze, black, tan and white
  • Single Letter Locker Collection Box has one front door prepared for the USPS lock and one rear door equipped with the tenant lock.
  • Double Letter Locker Collection Box with one door is to be used for one tenant and accommodates two USPS mail totes which are used for either incoming or outgoing mail.
  • Double Letter Locker Collection Box with two doors is perfect for two commercial tenants
  • Mail totes or bins are sold separately

Item #HLL1, Single Letter Box Collection Box mounted on item HLL36PW — Surface Mount Pedestal for Letter Locker Collection Box.