NEW 4C Series Horizontal Wall Mount Trash and Recycling Collection Bin Units

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Wholesale PricesThe 4C Horizontal Wall Mount Trash and Recycling Collection Bin Units at National Mailboxes are perfect for apartments and multi-tenant buildings. Choose from 4C Trash/Recycle Bins designed to match the 4C wall mount horizontal mailbox systems. 4C Horizontal mailboxes are designed to ensure that a maximum number of USPS compliant tenant compartments are available within the given height, and meet Fair Housing ADA installation requirements. Learn More

– 4C Horizontal Mailboxes Installation Manual
– 4C Surface Mount Collar Installation Manual
– 4C Horizontal Mailboxes Maintenance Manual

For more product info contact the National Mailboxes Customer Support Center at 1-800-676-5161

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Showing all 9 results

Product Line Features:

  • Trash / Recycling Bin with collection area designed to match 4C mailboxes!
  • Includes a 10-gallon trash receptacle for each collection compartment, made from recycled materials
  • Deposit and collect from front of unit
  • Heavy duty dustproof lock with 3 keys each secures the collection bin until pickup is made
  • Includes attractive silver label ‘TRASH’ for single collection compartments or ‘TRASH’ and ‘PAPER’ for double collection compartments
  • Custom labels also available
  • Superior strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional durability for indoor AND outdoor installations
  • Made of heavy gauge aluminum
  • The perfect solution for greener centralized mail delivery installation
  • Can be installed as a stand-alone trash and/or recycling center, or include with a complete centralized 4C mail delivery installation
  • Factory installed integral trim surrounds mailbox and unique MUCK (multi-unit connector kit) included for easy installation of multiple 4C mailboxes
  • 30 gallon trash bags suggested for use with plastic collection bins (not available for sale)
  • Minimum wall depth of 17″ required for Fully-recessed 4C mailboxes
  • Surface-mount collars or Free-Standing enclosures available at additional charge for all your mounting needs
  • Please Note: This large commercial Trash & Recycling Unit is made to order and is non-returnable
  • FREE Shipping/Freight (via Truck) Promotional-This Month (Expires Month End)