Commercial Mailboxes - Multi-Tenant Style (USPS Approved/Postal Certified Types & Private Delivery Types)

Featuring Multi-Tenant Locking Mailboxes and High Security Mailboxes

Wholesale PricesCommercial mailboxes have been one of the cornerstones to the National Mailboxes product line for over 25 years. National Mailboxes manufactures, supplies, and distributes a wide selection of top quality multi-tenant locking mailboxes and high security mailboxes to millions of businesses and industries across North America. Both USPS approved mailboxes for U.S Mail delivery and private use-access style commercial mailbox models for private party mail distribution. Learn More

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Product Line Features:

  • Wide Selection of Both USPS Approved and Private Use/Access Commercial Mailboxes Available
  • Both Freestanding Pedestal Style and Wall Mount Style Available
  • Manufactured of Heavy Duty Aircraft Aluminum and Stainless Steel for Added Durability
  • All High Security Mailboxes are Guaranteed for Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Both Front Loading & Rear Loading Style Locking Mailboxes Available to Choose From
  • All Outdoor Rated Models are: Weather Resistant, Corrosion Resistant and Rust Proof
  • Tenant Locks and Keys Included. (Tenant Door Identification also Included on All Mailboxes)
  • Wide Selection of Protective and Attractive Powder Coated Finish Colors Available
  • Installation Manuals and Manufacturers Warranties Included with All Commercial lines
  • Email or Call Today for FREE Discounted Price Quotations for Multiple Quantities
  • FREE Shipping/Freight (Applies to Select Product Lines of All Security Boxes)

What’s The Right Commercial Mailbox For You?

Whether you need a commercial mailbox for your business or university, you’ve come to the right place.  There are a variety of mailboxes to choose from and also the option to purchase them for USPS delivery or for private use.

The New 4C Horizontal: For mailboxes mounted inside walls, such as those found in some apartment buildings or in outdoor kiosks, the 4C Horizontal is an excellent choice.  The 4C can accommodate a good number of residents and can come with lockers for large deliveries.  There is also the option to install these units with a surface mount collar or with a free-standing kiosk if installing them in a wall isn’t a good option.  Other options include USPS versus private delivery.  The 4C Horizontal is a popular choice for large apartment complexes, manufactured housing communities, and some businesses.  The 4C Horizontal can also be purchased to replace aging 4B mailboxes, especially if the opening once holding them has been modified.

The 4B+ Horizontal: 4B mailboxes, both horizontal and vertical, are also available.  4B mailboxes are available for those customers wishing to replace older, existing mailboxes of the same type.  For the 4B Horizontal mailbox, you’ll need to get approval from your local post office before you install.  Safe installation will ensure you’ll save time and money in the long run.

The 4B+ Vertical: 4B vertical mailboxes, which as the name suggests, feature vertical doors.  They can include anywhere from 3 to 7 doors and are best used to replace older, existing mailboxes of the same type.  Vertical mailboxes can be either mounted or recessed into a wall, and can also be purchased for private use (such as in your home or business) if you do not need the USPS to deliver.  We carry two quality brands: Auth Florence and Salsbury.

A Popular Choice: The Cluster Mailbox: For outdoor use, especially in a central location, cluster mailboxes, also known as CBU’s or pedestal mailboxes, are a popular, durable choice.  These free-standing, popular units can come with 8, 12, 13, or 16 doors as well as a variety of colors.  Each cluster mailbox comes with its own pedestal for easy installation.

What if you have a need for a special unit, though?  Perhaps you need a courier box, a letter drop, or a wall slot.  We’ve got you covered!  If you need a specialty mailbox, give us a call us at (insert number here) or chat with us using the link at the bottom of this page.

Private Delivery Versus USPS Delivery

Private mailboxes, such as those used inside universities, are used by private mail delivery systems and are not required to meet USPS regulations.  If you need a private mailbox or mailboxes, you’ll receive the keys to the unit and the correct lock will be installed for you.

If you are purchasing mailboxes for USPS use, your mailbox will meet certain requirements: height, width, compartment size, and location.  Your mailbox will also be ADA accessibility compliant.  We’ll take care of these details for you, so long as you let us know how many residents will be in need of your mailbox and what type of installation you’ll need.

Have a school or university?

We have you covered as well!  You can install any commercial mailbox at your educational facility, though the type you’ll want to select depends on a few things.

If your school or facility has an in-house mail delivery system, and your personnel will need keys to access your mailbox, you’ll want to purchase a mailbox for private delivery purposes.

If you’re replacing older vertical or horizontal 4B boxes (and they receive deliveries from the USPS), you’ll want to purchase a replacement horizontal or vertical 4B box.  Don’t forget to gain approval from your local post office to ensure continued delivery.

Finally, if you’re looking to install a new mailbox, perhaps for a new building or complex (and the USPS will be delivering), you’ll want to look at a cluster mailbox or a 4C horizontal mailbox.

Do you still have questions on which commercial mailbox is the right one for you?  Give us a call at 800-676-5161 or click on the link below to open a chat window, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Commercial Mailbox FAQs: