Decorative Stucco Column Enclosure Style NEW High Security Cluster Box Units (CBU) - (USPS Approved & Postal Certified)

High-quality CBU Commercial Mailboxes Made in the USA

Wholesale PricesThe Decorative Stucco Column Enclosure with 1570 Series Cluster Box Unit (CBU) from National Mailboxes puts the quality and security of our CBUs in an attractive stucco column. The prefabricated stucco column comes ready-to-install over the CBU mailbox and pedestal which are included in this package. CBUs are designed to meet or exceed the new USPS Security Standards. These high security commercial mailbox units are made entirely of heavy duty extruded aluminum with stainless steel hinges, which means they won’t ever rust. CBUs include secure tenant doors, an outgoing mail slot, and parcel lockers – all in one durable and self-contained unit! You access your CBU from the front through an easy-opening master door gate assembly with a built-in hold open device. Our CBUs were designed to reduce mail theft and vandalism with stronger tenant doors, minimal pry points, improved outgoing mail slot, and much more. Learn More

 - CBU Mailbox Installation Instructions Manual
 - CBU Mailboxes Product Line Information
 - CBU Mailboxes Maintenance Manual

For more product info contact the National Mailboxes Customer Support Center at 1-800-676-5161

USPS Approved
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Showing all 4 results

Product Features:

  • USPS approved
  • Meets or exceeds USPS security standards
  • Includes CBU Mailbox Unit, Pedestal, and Stucco Column
  • Front Loading
  • Includes a heavy-duty tenant cam lock with three keys for each tenant door
  • Includes Parcel Locker Compartments for Packages
  • Parcel lockers include a key trapping lock for secure package delivery
  • Includes an Integrated Outgoing Mail Slot with weather protection hood
  • Includes easy-opening master door gate assembly with a built-in hold open device
  • Includes standard silver adhesive identification decals with black numbers
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rugged, weather-resistant powder coat finish on the CBU Unit resists scratching and vandalism
  • Master front loading door designed to prevent prying with interlocking overlap seams and tight clearances
  • Optional Bay View Solar Lamp available for an additional charge


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Watch informative videos that will help you understand the full potential of cluster box units. Whether for commercial or residential use, CBUs are so versatile for any property.

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