Free-Standing Mail Stand Enclosure with 4C Horizontal Mailbox Unit (Includes 8 Tenant Doors & 1 Outgoing Mail) USPS Approved – H3910S-08

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High-Security Commercial Horizontal Mailboxes Made in the USA

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Free-Standing Mail Stand Enclosures with 4C Horizontal Mailbox Units from National Mailboxes provide the perfect solution for your stand-alone installation needs. This kit allows your 4C mailbox and Parcel Locker center to be easily mounted indoors or outdoors! 4C Commercial Mailboxes are USPS Approved and meet or exceed STD-4C requirements for new construction and major renovations. They are also ideal for private delivery applications.

Unit Size: 65-3/4″H x 17-1/2″W x 19″D
Total Doors: 8 Tenant Oversized Doors
Tenant Compartment Size: 6-3/4″H x 13-1/4″W
Outgoing Mail Compartment: 6-1/2″H x 13-1/4″W
Outgoing Mail Slot Size:3/4″H x 10-3/4″W

Product Features:

  • Front Loading Horizontal Style
  • Free-Standing 4C Parcel Lockers include a U.S.P.S. approved 4C horizontal parcel locker unit and a matching free-standing enclosure – minor assembly required
  • Provide a convenient means of installing 4C parcel lockers in locations where a wall mounted application is not desired or available
  • Ideal for apartments, commercial buildings and residential developments
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Constructed of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware
  • Feature a durable powder coated finish available in aluminum, bronze, gold and sandstone
  • Accessed from the front through 1 or 2 easy opening master door panels
  • Doors include a heavy duty cam lock with a dust/rain shield and 3 keys
  • Available in configurations that are 1 door wide (single column) and 2 doors wide (double column)
  • U.S.P.S. standard 4C requires a minimum of 1 parcel locker for every 10 tenant compartments (Parcel lockers must be a minimum of 15″ H to meet the 1:10 ratio (Once this ratio has been met, additional smaller parcel lockers may also be added).
  • Includes a compartment for outgoing mail collection and is labeled “Outgoing Mail”
  • Outgoing mail compartment / carrier access door includes the U.S.P.S. master lock access door (lock installed by the U.S.P.S.) and cannot be used for mail distribution
  • Outgoing mail compartment includes a weather protection hood
  • Please Note: This large commercial mailbox is made to order and is non-returnable

Product Options:

  • Custom engraved placards
  • Custom engraved doors – regular
  • Custom engraved doors – black filled
  • Replacement locks
  • Additional keys
  • Key blanks
  • Tenant parcel locker lock
  • Outgoing mail slot plug kit

Mailbox Colors: Aluminum, Black, Bronze, and Sandstone (shown). Free-Standing Enclosure and 4C Mailbox Unit must be the same color.


Free-Standing Mailbox Configurations
Free-Standing Installation Instructions
Free-Standing ADA Accessibility Guidelines


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