Free-Standing Mail Stand Enclosure with 4C Horizontal Mailbox Unit (Includes 4 Tenant Doors with 1 Parcel Locker & 1 Outgoing Mail) – H3911S-04

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High-Security Commercial Horizontal Mailboxes Made in the USA

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Free-Standing Mail Stand Enclosures with 4C Horizontal Mailbox Units from National Mailboxes provide the perfect solution for your stand-alone installation needs. This kit allows your 4C mailbox and Parcel Locker center to be easily mounted indoors or outdoors! 4C Commercial Mailboxes meet or exceed STD-4C requirements for new construction and major renovations. They are also ideal for private delivery applications.

Unit Size: 69-1/4″H x 17-1/2″W x 19″D
Total Doors: 4 Tenant Doors with 1 Parcel Locker
Tenant Compartment Size: 3-1/4″H x 13-1/4″W
Parcel Locker Size: 17-1/4″H x 13-1/4″W
Outgoing Mail Compartment: 6-1/2″H x 13-1/4″W
Outgoing Mail Slot Size:3/4″H x 10-3/4″W

Product Features:

  • Local USPS Approval Required
  • Front Loading Horizontal Style
  • Free-Standing 4C Horizontal Mailboxes include a U.S.P.S. approved 4C horizontal mailbox unit and a matching free-standing enclosure – minor assembly required
  • Provide a convenient means of installing 4C horizontal mailboxes in locations where a wall mounted application is not desired or available
  • Ideal for apartments, commercial buildings and residential developments
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Constructed of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware
  • Feature a durable powder coated finish available in aluminum, bronze, gold and sandstone
  • Accessed from the front through 1 or 2 easy opening master door panels
  • Doors include a heavy duty cam lock with a dust/rain shield and 3 keys
  • U.S.P.S. standard 4C requires a minimum of 1 parcel locker for every 10 tenant compartments
  • Available in configurations that are 1 door wide (single column) and 2 doors wide (double column)
  • Parcel lockers must be a minimum of 15″ H to meet the 1:10 ratio. Once this ratio has been met, additional smaller parcel lockers may also be added.
  • Includes a compartment for outgoing mail collection and is labeled “Outgoing Mail”
  • Outgoing mail compartment / carrier access door includes the U.S.P.S. master lock access door (lock installed by the U.S.P.S.) and cannot be used for mail distribution
  • Outgoing mail compartment includes a weather protection hood
  • Please Note: This large commercial mailbox is made to order and is non-returnable

Product Options:

  • Custom engraved placards
  • Custom engraved doors – regular
  • Custom engraved doors – black filled
  • Replacement locks
  • Additional keys
  • Key blanks
  • Tenant parcel locker lock
  • Outgoing mail slot plug kit

Mailbox Colors: Aluminum, Black, Bronze, and Sandstone(shown). Free-Standing Enclosure and 4C Mailbox Unit must be the same color.


Free-Standing Mailbox Configurations
Free-Standing Installation Instructions
Free-Standing ADA Accessibility Guidelines


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