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Your Guide to a Business Cluster Mailbox

The United States Postal Service processes around 493 million pieces of mail every day. Even with this undivided business, they are still struggling to keep up financially. As a result, a new system called a cluster mailbox was devised.

Dropping the mail off at your door is incredibly costly. In fact, some estimate that it costs around $353 a year just for one home. Most of the time, you aren’t in charge of these costs, the postal service is.

However, with rising prices every year, postal units are looking for new ways to be fiscally responsible. Instead of going door to door delivering mail, mail carriers are encouraging businesses to get cluster mailboxes.

What is a Community Mailbox?

A cluster mailbox is a group of mailboxes for the surrounding area. Instead, of going door to door, the postal worker has a key to the community box and are able to put your mail inside.

There are a couple of advantages of these boxes. First, it’s a lot more protected. This is especially important for businesses that may receive confidential bills or contracts.

Not only will you need a key to enter the mailbox, but the area will likely be closely guarded by the other organizations in the cluster.

Another benefit of these community mailboxes is that they look polished and professional. When people visit your location, you won’t want an old mailbox to stand out for them.

Instead, the sleek design of these mailboxes will help affirm the professional nature of your business.

How Do Cluster Mailboxes Work?

These mailboxes work extremely similar to your typical mailbox. The postal worker will bring in the current day’s pieces. They’ll unlock your slot and slide the mail in.

They will then go through and add the mail in for every other tenant or business in the group. At the end, they will take the mail out of the outgoing slot.

That’s it! It’s a simple process that provides you with extra security and other added benefits.

Who Is Responsible for a Cluster Mailbox?

The responsibility of the mailbox is somewhat divided. If you lose your key, you are in charge of getting it replaced, not the USPS.

Sometimes associations will take over the duties of a cluster box. If you are in an area that charges fees similar to an HOA, then you’ll likely pay for the clusterbox through these fees.

You’ll share the responsibility to keep snow and other debris clear with other box owners. That means less work for you!

Learn More Today!

Community mailboxes are becoming increasingly more apparent. Some complexes are even required to put these type of mailboxes in during development!

If you want to help upgrade your business into the future, cluster mailboxes are the way to go. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

However, if you still have questions. Let us know! As specialists in the delivery and mailbox industry, we have the experience to answer any of your cluster box questions.

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