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Why We Still Need Residential Mailboxes in the Digital Age

In a constantly evolving digital age, it may seem like residential mailboxes don’t have a place compared to our overflowing email inboxes.

Turns out, this is actually a myth. Even with more and more people moving towards digital means of communication, traditional snail mail is still incredibly important.

Keep reading to learn why residential mailboxes still absolutely matter.

People Love Receiving Mail

Americans have a historical love affair with traditional mail. Remember when you were a kid and you loved opening the mailbox? Maybe you were looking forward to a new toy catalog or postcard from grandma or just an interesting letter from your penpal?

Turns out, most of us still love the surprise of what lies in our mailboxes. In a world cluttered with spammy and annoying emails (more than 70% of email is spam!), traditional mail can be refreshing and even joyful.

It’s always exciting to find a letter or invitation or handwritten thank-you note in the mail, right? And, when you get mail that’s specifically targeted to your interests and preferences, it just feels good.

Personal Touch Matters

We already know that most of our email inboxes are cluttered with spam and annoying advertisements. Traditional mail is much different. It directly speaks to your consumers.

Direct mail arriving at residential mailboxes comes into the home and life of the consumer. It’s an advertisement that your consumer can actually hold and cherish. You’re not just another email ping.

Enhanced Trust

Concerned about all the cyber data breaches happening lately? Online hackers breaking into secure sites continues to become a looming threat to innocent consumers.

This is a big concern for both business owners and regular Internet users. If you don’t feel like your information is safe, you are less likely to “open” advertisements or click on certain websites.

Direct mail alleviates this suspicion and concern. You can mail to your heart’s content without worrying about the security or confidentiality of your consumers. You can mail with a peace of mind- knowing that you’re not enhancing the mistrust of the people you want to reach.

Unique Delivery

Emails can be bland. Sending mail to residential mailboxes provides ample opportunity for creativity.

From custom-made flyers to catalogs to intriguing brochures or magnets, the sky is the limit when it comes to sending mail.

This helps businesses stand out from the competition. After all, anyone can send a generic email with flashy pixels. How many companies are sending out fun freebies, like coasters or three-dimensional letters?

Again, people like to receive mail! Use this psychological phenomenon to your marketing advantage.

Final Thoughts on Residential Mailboxes

At National Mailboxes, we still believe in the childlike joy of opening the mail each day.

We also believe that, even in today’s digital age, direct mail is still an incredibly efficient way to advertise products and services.

Interested in purchasing a security mailbox for you or your business? Check out our mailboxes here today.

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