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Who Benefits from a Theft Proof Mailbox?

Tampering with mail may be a federal crime, but that doesn’t stop people from breaking the law.

Every second without a theft proof mailbox is an opportunity for someone to steal your mail. And they’re not just going after your junk mail. Everything from credit card statements to valuables are vulnerable to theft.

If you think it can’t happen to you, you’re sorely mistaken. Package theft is on the rise, impacting 30% of Americans already. And thousands of arrests are made each year for mail theft.

Here’s a closer look at who benefits most from a lockable mailbox.

Small Business Owners

A secure mailbox is a cost-effective choice for business owners.

This isn’t just another business expense. Mail theft prevention can save your business thousands in losses due to theft.

Think about all the customers, employees, delivery drivers, tourists, and residents who frequently walk in and our of your business.

Here’s some business mail you shouldn’t leave out in the open:

  • Business bank statements
  • New business credit cards
  • Credit card statements
  • Vendor invoices
  • Notarized documents
  • Product samples
  • Checks and money orders
  • Customer returns

A lockable mailbox means that only YOU have access to your incoming business mail. This is especially important for businesses who receive high foot traffic.

Why Homeowners Need a Theft Proof Mailbox

Business owners aren’t the only ones vulnerable to mail theft. Homeowners are frequent targets as well. Especially, during the holiday season.

States with the highest rate of theft are North Dakota, Vermont, Alaska, New Mexico, and Nebraska, followed by Maine, Wyoming, West Virginia, Delaware, and Arkansas.

Trust is pivotal to building a strong neighborhood community. Despite community ties, one only has to look to YouTube to find neighbors behaving badly with the mail.

Here’s why you need a lockable mailbox:

  • Holiday packages that weigh less than 13oz
  • Envelopes with jewelry, heirlooms, and other valuables
  • Tax information
  • Bank and credit card statements
  • Personal checks
  • Medical and Healthcare information
  • Christmas Cards with money
  • Gift cards
  • Other identifying information

Leaving this mail out in the open increases your chance of both mail and identity theft.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Parents and Children

Parents prioritize their children’s safety above all else. If this sounds like you, don’t wait to switch to a lockable mailbox.

It only takes seconds for someone to open an unsecured mailbox to find pediatric records, doctor’s appointment reminders, birthday party invitations, school events, school photos, greeting cards, and more identifying information.

Everything from your child’s school address to their face is accessible, but not with a theft proof mailbox.

This also goes hand-in-hand with online safety. Any identifying information in email or social media should be avoided or strictly protected.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are one of the biggest targets of mail theft, mail fraud, and identity theft. If you’re retired, disabled, or over the age of 60, a theft proof mailbox is critical to your safety.

Seniors who receive home care may have multiple people coming in and out of their homes. While home care services frequently perform background checks on potential employees, a lockable mailbox provides peace of mind and more security.

Despite increases in online use among seniors, snail mail is still preferred among older age groups. And check use is “highly correlated with older consumers” according to recent studies from the Federal Reserve.

These findings prove the immediate need for a new mail box.

Items more likely to be stolen include:

  • Social security information
  • Personal checks
  • Magazines
  • Medicines and supplements
  • Greeting cards with money
  • Outgoing bills with checks or cash
  • Outgoing cards with checks or cash
  • Coupons
  • Valuable packages under 13oz

Owners and managers of senior communities should also install lockable mailboxes on their premises to avoid theft and liability.

Property Owners and Managers

Do you manage an apartment complex or community with multiple residents? It’s time to make mailbox security a part of your maintenance and safety routine.

Along with on-site security, front desk support, well-lit lobbies, and door lights, theft proof mailboxes add that extra level of safety for residents.

Remember, safety is an important factor people look for in apartment rentals. Make sure to emphasize mailbox security in your rental listings too.

College Dormitories and Communities

Hoards of students shuffle in and out of college housing throughout the day. This increases the risk for mail theft. This also means mail can simply get lost in the shuffle, trampled, or worse, thrown away.

A college dorm without secure mailboxes is a recipe for disaster. Along with installing locking mailboxes, young residents should also be briefed on the importance of mail theft.

The should extend to off-campus college housing too since both environments face similar issues. Even houses with several college residents can benefit from individual locking mailboxes as well.

Private Mailbox Business Owners

Many small business owners need private mail boxes to receive mail. Not only do they receive a professional business address, but they can protect themselves from mail theft too.

If your community lacks this need, this is a perfect opportunity to start a private mailbox business of your own. These businesses frequently offer additional services and supplies, like shipping, packaging materials, greeting cards, stationery, novelty items, and stamps.

You could offer multiple mailbox sizes to accommodate growing businesses and month-to-month rentals. What’s important is that you offer utmost mailbox security above all else.

Lock It Up

Is an unsecured mailbox still worth the risk?

Now that you know the facts, it’s time to take action. Start looking for a theft proof mailbox that gives you the security you need and the look you want.

Contact a professional today to get started and check the blog often for tips on finding the right mailbox for you.