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Which Types of Mailboxes Are Preferable: Wall-Mount or Pedestal?

Whether your business is large or small or whether you have one department or several, it’s crucial that your incoming and outgoing mail is secure and protected.

If you’re in need of a new mailbox for your business, there’s no shortage of styles to choose from as long as they meet current USPS mailbox rules.

As you explore the various types of mailboxes out there, read on to determine whether a wall-mount or pedestal configuration is right for you.

The Installation Process

A pedestal mailbox looks attractive and features a standalone design. These mailboxes are typically installed at the curb in order for the postal worker to access the mailbox from the road.

When installing a pedestal mailbox, you’ll need to ensure that you have a sturdy post. This post, or pedestal, is what supports the mailbox and keeps it at a specific height.

You may need to use a special mounting plate to attach your mailbox to the base. Some models are all-in-one and feature a single piece for easier installation.

A post secured to the ground with a concrete base will keep the pedestal mailbox stable. According to the U.S. Postal Service, your post should be no more than 24 inches deep.

Wall-mount mailboxes are typically secured directly to the exterior wall of a home or building. These types of mailboxes tend to be smaller in size unless you’re choosing a “cluster” option, which features several small mailboxes in one unit.

For commercial applications, wall-mounted mailboxes work well in apartment complexes or office complexes with several different businesses in one place. They’re also ideal if your office is located in a shopping center next to other businesses. The postal worker walks up to the mailbox and delivers the mail right to (or near) your door.

If you’re replacing a current pedestal or curbside mailbox with a wall-mounted version, you’ll need to get permission from your local postmaster. These mailboxes are directly attached to a wall using hardware that’s usually included with your purchase. A mounting plate, anchors, and screws are required to install it securely.

Types of Mailboxes: How to Get Your Mail

When you’re comparing pedestal and wall-mount mailboxes, you’ll also need to think about the method of mail retrieval. If you get a lot of packages, consider a larger sized pedestal design that can accommodate these items.

Some wall-mount mailboxes offer a rear opening so you can easily grab your mail and carry on with your day. Most require a key to unlock them in order to keep the contents secure.

Whether it’s a pedestal or wall-mount design, your new mailbox will need to have at least one regulation-size opening so the postal worker can drop off standard mail like letters and large envelopes. When it comes to convenience, wall-mounted mailboxes are the winner. That’s because you won’t need to go very far to open your mailbox, get your mail, and go.

A pedestal mailbox is more convenient for your mail delivery person since they only need to drive up to the mailbox and plate items into the slot. With a wall-mount mailbox, they’ll need to get out of their vehicle and carry your mail to the door or inside the lobby.

Style and Configuration

If your business is located in an office complex or shopping center, cluster mailboxes are the most popular option. You’ll find cluster mailboxes in a freestanding pedestal and a wall-mount design.

These mailboxes should be sturdy and tamper-resistant to prevent possible theft. Each unit within the cluster will be assigned a letter or number, and only the unique assignee will receive a key to access their specific box.

If you’re a standalone business that needs more room, a large mail chest or package drop style mailbox is a good choice. This design will still have a slot for smaller mail. It should also have a larger door where the postal worker can drop off packages without having to come to the door.

In terms of style and design, both pedestal and wall-mount mailboxes come in a variety of finishes. From classic colors like sandstone and postal grey to dark bronze or black, you can choose from a myriad of finishes to match your preferred decor.

Commercial mailboxes should be constructed of a material that’s sturdy and weather-resistant. Look for items crafted from extruded aluminum that can handle all types of weather conditions. A powder-coated finish is best since it won’t fade or crack over time.

In the long run, whether you choose a wall mailbox or a pedestal mailbox, it all comes down to convenience. Choose the style that will give you the easiest way to access your mail in a safe, secure way. If you’re not sure which option is best, consult with your postmaster to find out what’s allowed and what they recommend.

Making Mail Retrieval Easy

From a standalone pedestal mailbox to a cluster wall-mount, the types of mailboxes available seems endless. Consider where you’re located and how you want to retrieve your mail to determine which option is right for you.

Make sure you understand the correct way to install your mailbox so that it complies with USPS mailbox rules. Once you pick the right style, don’t forget to choose your favorite finish to make your new mailbox complete.

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