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Which Type of Mailbox Is Best for My Commercial Property?

Commercial properties can be a bit more complicated than residential properties with managing mail delivery. Not only are there different types of mailboxes available, but there are different delivery options as well. Property managers have more to think about when choosing the correct type of mailbox.

But when several factors are considered, the process becomes less complicated, and it becomes easy to choose the right mailboxes.

Here, commercial properties refer to those that house businesses, college campuses, and other property types other than housing that still require mail delivery. Although multifamily properties are considered commercial properties, this guide focuses on retail, industrial, and office properties.

Property Size and Number of Customers

The first factor any property owner or manager should consider with choosing mailboxes is the size of the property and how many customers a mail system will need to serve. This is the single most important factor.

Smaller Properties

Mailboxes for a single small business will be simple and will likely be one curbside mailbox or a wall-mounted mailbox, like those found in residential areas. The mailbox type needed will depend on the location of the business and which mailbox type is the norm in the area.

Larger curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes are available for small businesses and are designed to handle larger-than-normal volumes of mail. Many of these types lock as well and can handle small packages. They are also useful if the business owner cannot check mail every day.

For small strip malls and other commercial properties that house a few businesses, multi-family curbside mailboxes may work the best, especially if they are the norm for the area, located in a smaller town, or if each business is usually open to have someone receive packages. These mailboxes have more than one unit mounted to the same one or two posts.

Freestanding depot mailboxes may also work for this situation, as they can mount outdoors to a slab of concrete. A type of 4C mailbox, it consists of one cabinet that houses a few to many horizontal customer compartments. Parcel lockers may be included, and each compartment locks. They are durable, highly resistant to damage, and secure.

Larger Properties

Larger office buildings and commercial properties with many customers will need larger mail delivery systems. When seeking delivery directly from the USPS, the 4C line of mailboxes is required for new installations. They come as wall-mounted, recessed, or freestanding types and are typically installed in a centralized or front location on a property. All types are durable, locking, and often include parcel lockers to safely hold packages.

All 4C mailboxes have multiple customer compartments in each cabinet, and all can mount side by side until all customer mail needs are met. The number of customer compartments can vary in number, allowing property managers to add just the right number of mailboxes until all needs are met.

Mailbox Location

Where mailboxes will be installed is also important when it comes to choosing the right mailbox for your commercial property. It is important to know where on your property you have space for mailboxes. All should be installed in a location without obstructions, that is obvious, and is easy for the USPS to reach.


Curbside mailboxes will work well for installing on curbs. However, installing 4C mailboxes or other highly durable models on a curb can be hazardous to drivers, who may collide with such mailboxes and sustain injury.

Lobbies, Mail Rooms, and Central Hallways

For larger office buildings or commercial properties with many businesses, lobbies and central hallways are often the norm. A centralized mail system that replaces a mail room can reduce confusion, lost mail, and security breaches with sensitive information.

Front lobbies and central hallways that are easy to find and access are ideal locations for mail systems that receive delivery directly from the USPS. Typically, the mailbox types that work the best for such locations are the 4C horizontal type that either recess into walls or mount directly to them. Recessed models work the best when more space is needed, and the property manager can mount them into a hole in the wall.

Outdoors and Away from Curbs

Outdoor mailboxes can mount onto concrete or install directly into kiosks. The 4C freestanding models or recessed 4C mailboxes can work well for these areas, especially for properties where no lobby or central hallway is available. Parking lot islands and sidewalks in front of buildings are also good locations for freestanding depot mailboxes and mail kiosks.

Security Needs

Security is another factor when it comes to choosing the correct mailboxes.

Many businesses handle sensitive information such as tax info, health records, personal information, and more. The good news is that all types of mailboxes can come as locking models. Only the recipient can unlock these mailboxes.

All 4C mailboxes are locking, but curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes can come with locks as well. These typically include a mail flap for delivery.

Some locking mailboxes also come as larger models to accommodate higher mail volumes and even small packages.

Package Volume

Packages are the last factor when it comes to choosing mailboxes. Many businesses receive a high volume of them from the USPS, and may do well with parcel lockers, which come with most 4C mailbox setups.

If parcel lockers included with 4C mailboxes are not enough, more parcel lockers can be ordered. These lockers, like 4C mailboxes, can mount side by side and be added to an existing 4C setup. Parcel lockers can even be used alone to eliminate the need for a mail room and clear offices and other much-needed spaces of packages.

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When it comes to choosing the right mailboxes for a commercial property, choices do not have to be complicated once the right factors are taken into consideration. If you have questions on which mailbox type is the right one for your property, contact us today.