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Which Mailbox Type is Best for Your Community?

No matter which type, safe and secure mail delivery is a must. Different types of mailboxes available, may seem overwhelming.

Managing a community, apartment complex, or other type of multi-family property is no easy task. There are many things to consider in order to keep residents happy and staying for many years to come. The fact that there are different types of multi-family properties makes the matter more complicated. Different community types will have different needs.

Among those needs is the right to safe and secure mail delivery. This means that a property owner or manager must provide the means for receiving regular mail and packages.

Providing the right type of mail delivery for an entire community can seem like a daunting task. Choosing the right type of mailboxes, though, is important for customer satisfaction. Perhaps mail delivery is needed for a new community, or as part of a renovation. The type of mailboxes you’ll need will depend on your community’s unique situation.

Door Slots and Wall Mailboxes

One option that is popular for some communities are door slots and simple wall-mounted mailboxes.

These mailboxes are, as the name implies, simply slots in a door where mail can be slipped. These slots open inwards, and a mail carrier can simply slide letters, regular sized mail, and small packages through a door and directly into an apartment or office.

Door slots are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, as are simple wall-mounted mailboxes. Wall-mounted mailboxes simply mount to a wall and usually have a door or slot for USPS delivery. Some are locking, meaning that only the customer can access the mail compartment.

Mailboxes such as these may be ideal for smaller communities and apartment buildings, where only a few customers need mail delivery. They may also be ideal when not many packages are being delivered, and when those packages can be left in a secure area such as an apartment office until customer pick-up. However, they may not work as well when many customers need to be served, or package volume is higher. They also may not work well if mail and package theft is an issue in the area.

Curbside Multi-Family Mailboxes

Usually, curbside mailboxes are found in communities such as condo communities that are run by a homeowner’s association. These communities tend to have a focus on aesthetics, with curb appeal being a main concern. Curbside mailboxes are popular with such communities due to their high potential for customization.

Curb appeal is vital for such communities, and everything from the mailbox post to the address numbers are customizable and can be used to enhance the look of a community. A variety of colors, materials, and finishes are available as well.

These types of mailboxes may also work well when having some form of centralized delivery—where all mail delivery takes place in one location—would be a hindrance to residents. Some older residents and those with disabilities may find it difficult to travel to a central location to pick up mail. They may also work when there is no good location to install centralized mailboxes.

However, cost effectiveness is one concern with purchasing multiple curbside mailboxes. With condo communities, curbside mailboxes can be purchased with extenders to turn them into multi-family units.  By installing multi-family units, property managers can bring the costs of installation and purchase down dramatically, and reduce future maintenance as well.

By using multi-family curbside boxes instead of many single units, property owners and managers will also have fewer areas to keep clear during winter months and during construction projects, which will be much appreciated by tenants as well.

4C Horizontal and Pedestal Mailboxes

When mail theft is an issue, there are more than a few customers to serve, or when a new way to handle increasing package delivery is needed, then a centralized mail delivery system is the best choice for a community.

4C horizontal and pedestal mailboxes are the only centralized mail delivery systems that are approved by the USPS for new installations and major renovations. These mailboxes are pre-approved and only need to be installed with USPS requirements in mind, and with the Americans With Disabilities Act in mind.

Both types of mailboxes consist of a single cabinet that holds several horizontal customer compartments and usually 1-2 parcel lockers for handling packages. The good thing about these mailboxes is that if more than one is needed, for larger communities, then these units can be installed side by side until each customer has a compartment.

For both types, each customer receives a key for their compartment, which are locking and very durable. If a package is delivered to a parcel locker, a key is provided to the customer so they can access the package at their own convenience. A master lock allows the USPS employee to open an entire cabinet and deliver mail to all compartments at once.

Horizontal 4C units are simply units that mount to a wall or can be recessed into it, and work well inside clubhouses, lobbies, and kiosks if they’re in a central location. Pedestal 4C units are versatile and typically installed outdoors on a slab of concrete, either singly or mounted beside others. If more parcel delivery is needed, additional parcel lockers can be ordered to install beside such setups.

Both 4C mailboxes types are highly resistant to tampering and damage, either from vandalism or natural events. This will ensure minimal maintenance costs in the long run.

When installed together in one place, these mailboxes are easy to maintain. However, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that these boxes are easy to access.

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There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to managing a multi-family property, but mail delivery doesn’t have to be one of them. When USPS delivery is needed and tenant safety is a concern, the right mailboxes can make all the difference. Contact us today to find the right mail system for your community.