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Where Should I Install My Community or Commercial Mailboxes?

A lot of work goes into managing a commercial or residential property. But whether you have residents or businesses renting from you, they’re almost certainly going to need mail delivery. Having convenient, secure delivery is one must for retaining tenants of any type, and part of that convenience is having a good, secure, centralized mail delivery system to prevent lost mail and package theft.

There are a lot of factors to consider when it’s time to switch to centralized delivery, or when you’re simply upgrading the centralized delivery that you already have. You’ll need to know how many residents or tenants will receive mail delivery (whether USPS or private), how many packages your property normally receives, and most of all, where to install your new centralized mail system. The type of commercial or multi-family mailboxes you’ll need will depend largely on which locations you have to install them.

Central Locations Are A Must

No matter which type of commercial mailbox you choose for your community or commercial property, it goes without saying that installing your new system in an easy-to-access location is vital. Not only does a USPS employee or private delivery employee need to easily find where to deliver mail, but customers will need to be able to conveniently and safely retrieve their mail. A centralized location will also be helpful if you’re serving elderly or disabled residents, and locations near curbs, parking lots, or inside central clubhouses are all excellent choices which will allow tenants to walk or drive to easily pick up their mail.

All new centralized mail installations must be USPS-approved 4C units unless you’re seeking private delivery, in which an employee of your community or commercial property will receive mail from the USPS and then distribute it to each tenant.

The type of centralized mail delivery system which will work the best for your property will depend on which locations you have available for installation.

Curbside Pedestal Mailboxes

In some communities, pedestal mailboxes can be seen installed next to curbs or sidewalks. This can be a good choice for apartment complexes or other residential communities. Pedestal mailboxes consist of several customer compartments (and at least one parcel locker per 10 mailboxes) in one unit, and they’re installed on concrete slabs, often side by side. Pedestal mailboxes are designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions and are very durable, and most are designed to meet USPS requirements.

If you have no clubhouse or kiosk to install mailboxes, and need to have mail receptacles near the front or middle of your community, 4C pedestal mailboxes are a good choice. It’s best practice to install them near a well-traveled sidewalk or near a central parking lot. If installing outdoors for a commercial property, installing pedestal mailboxes near the front entrance should work well.

Clubhouses For Mail Delivery

Clubhouses are often found in apartment complexes and other multi-family communities which are managed by one individual, a HOA, or a company. They make excellent places to install centralized mail delivery systems. They allow customers to access their mail in a secure, indoor location and allow a USPS carrier or private employee to distribute mail out of the elements.

In these cases, horizontal 4C units are the best choice. These mailboxes consist of many horizontal customer units and at least one parcel locker per ten units, if USPS delivery will be needed. All compartments are locking and each customer gets their own key, and there is a master lock for a private employee or USPS carrier to access all compartments at once. These mailboxes can come as mounted units (which simply bolt into a wall) or as recessed units, which slide into a wall.

Recessed units are generally the best for installing in clubhouses due to the space they save. Saving space in this way also allows easier access for everyone, especially wheelchair users.

These mailboxes can be installed in central hallways or in a designated mail room.

Mail Kiosks

If you manage a community or are working on developing one, mail kiosks can also hold horizontal 4C mailboxes (typically the recessed type) in an outdoor setting. Kiosks work well when next to parking lots and they’re best placed at the front or center of a community.

Kiosks can also shelter several pedestal mailboxes and parcel lockers and provide more convenience for residents, protecting them from the weather. Installing your mailboxes in a kiosk also allows for greater customization of your delivery system.

Central Offices, Lobbies, and Hallways

If you’re managing or building a commercial property, any indoor mailboxes (4C horizontal units) are best placed in a central office, a lobby used by multiple commercial tenants, or a large, central hallway. Wall-mount 4C mailboxes are often the easiest to install in larger lobbies or central hallways.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

Once you install a centralized mail system, you’ll be responsible for maintaining the mailboxes and parcel lockers. This means that you’ll need to pay for any damage, customization, and add-ons. However, the good news is that all types of 4C mailboxes are very sturdy and designed to be secure. You’re very unlikely to have your tenants experience mail theft or to have weather or vandalism do any significant damage to your mailboxes, even if they are outdoor pedestal units.

Keeping the walkways around your pedestal mailboxes or outdoor mail kiosks is a must. Maintaining safe walkways around your property is a proven way to keep your best tenants. This means shoveling any snow, clearing ice, and making sure there are no vehicles, boxes, or other obstacles making it difficult for tenants or the USPS alike to access the mailboxes and parcel lockers.

Plan Your New Centralized Mail System Today

When you’re ready to tackle centralized mail delivery and have an idea where to start, we’re here to help you find the best solution for you and your tenants. Contact us today to find the perfect mail delivery system for you and your community.