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When is it Time to Repair or Replace Commercial Mailboxes?

The commercial mailboxes on a property can say a lot about the property itself.

Is it maintained? Is it cared for by the owner? If not, it may tell other people that the property owner doesn’t care about the property much.

How can you make sure that your mailbox looks the way you want it to look and gives off a good first impression?

If you think you may need to replace or repair your current commercial mailbox, keep reading to see some simple tips that tell you its time.

What are Commercial Mailboxes?

Commercial mailboxes are used for businesses or large complexes. They have more regulations than a residential mailbox would.

When you are thinking of a mailbox, you more than likely imagine the type of mailbox that exists outside of a home in a suburban area. Commercial mailboxes have many mailboxes within one unit and may be outside of a home area or within a building.

The United States Postal Service regulates using a commercial mailbox based on manufacturing, installation, and how it is being used.

Residential mailboxes can usually be purchased by the homeowner, but commercial mailboxes are purchased by the property manager. They may also be chosen by the person that helped develop the property. The commercial mailbox has to work for a variety of purposes and needs, so it is a big decision to make for a group of people.

The United States Postal Service sets standards to make it easier on people that are buying the commercial mailboxes. These mailboxes have to be secure and work for a multitude of people, but they also have to be high quality.

When to Replace a Commercial Mailbox

No matter what kind of mailbox you have, it is not going to last forever. You will need a new one at some point and the property owner, whether it is you or the next person, will have to start shopping around.

Here are some tips to know whether or not it is time to replace the mailbox. It may not always be obvious, but it is important to know when the time comes so your business looks professional!

1. It Looks Outdated and Old

Sometimes your commercial mailbox might just looks super old compared to the rest of the area. If this is the case, you may want to update it to a newer model.

A good time to do this is during renovations of the property. If you are planning to renovate in the future or have just renovated, a new commercial mailbox may be a great way to amp up the changes even more.

Another benefit of this besides just the appearance is that it will be more attractive to potential tenants or people that may be interested in doing business with you. Even small details like this make a difference in first impressions.

2. It Has Become Rusty

Many of the older models of commercial mailboxes (and some newer ones) are made of metal and may get rusty if they are stationed outside.

If you live somewhere that the weather fluctuates a lot, you may want to consider getting a commercial mailbox that is less susceptible to these types of elements. You also might want to put one inside rather than having it outside, depending on what would work for your property.

Repair may work for rust, but it depends on how extensive it has gotten and how functional the mailbox still is in its current state.

3. It Has Sustained Damage

Your commercial mailbox may not work as well if something happened to it. For instance, someone may have accidentally hit it with their car or maybe someone broke a lock to one of the parcel lockers.

Although you could potentially pay for mailbox repair for the damages, it may make more sense to replace it altogether. Financially, the costs may be vastly different and it really depends on the type of damage that your mailbox received.

With other benefits that go along with a new commercial mailbox, replacement of a damaged mailbox may make the most sense for your property.

4. It Needs to Be More Accessible

You may have put your mailbox in a spot that just doesn’t make sense anymore. If this is the case, it probably would be wise to move it.

You want it to be a good height for everyone that might use it and in a spot that works, especially for people that may be wheelchair users.

If you are replacing your commercial mailbox for appearance or for functionality, you need to contact the local postal service authorities beforehand. It helps to ensure that there will be minimal disruption in mail service for tenants or people that receive mail.

Ready to Get a Replacement or Repair?

Understanding what commercial mailboxes are used for and how you can tell when they need replacing or repair is important for people that manage properties.

People rely on mailboxes to get a lot of important information, so of course they should work well and be functional! You also want them to look good to attract people to the property, even as a smaller detail in the grand scheme of things.

Now that you know about who is responsible for cluster mailboxes and how crucial they are, check out our blog post about the regulations that need to be followed for them to work on your property.