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What is Curb Appeal and Why Does It Matter to My Business?

You’re driving around an unfamiliar town looking for a coffee shop. Your GPS tells you there’s one a couple blocks away.

But when you get there, the outside of the coffee shop looks terrible. The paint is peeling off the exterior and the windows are full of holes. You decide to keep looking.

That’s an example of judging a place by its curb appeal. You haven’t gone into the business. You may not have even walked onto the property.

It doesn’t matter how charming the interior is if the outside looks unappealing. Keep reading to find out more about why curb appeal matters so much for business owners.

Understanding Business Curb Appeal

People start their own business for a lot of reasons, from wanting to serve the community to wanting to be your own boss. A fascination with curb appeal is not on the list, but it’s also not something you can ignore.

You might view your business as a labor of love. But go outside and try to view your business the way a prospective customer might.

Everything beyond your front door is fair game when you’re considering curb appeal. Even your front door is part of it.

For instance, a front door that’s covered in graffiti and about to fall off its hinges is not a good look. Aim for a nice, solid front door, ideally with a fresh coat of paint.

If your business has curtains, are they nice and new or old and ragged? Is there a clear pathway to your front door, or will customers have to trudge through a bunch of weeds to get there?

Mailbox curb appeal is also something worth considering. If your mailbox is older than the commercial building, it’s probably time to look at replacements. Pick a mailbox style that makes sense for your business.

Building Up Your Business Reputation

Everything can seem critical when you first open a business. Getting off to a good start can be the difference between a business that runs for 20 years and one that barely makes it six months.

Business owners are rightfully concerned about their online reputation. When someone searches for your business, you’d much rather they see a bunch of five-star reviews than a bunch of one-star reviews.

But your reputation is about more than that. Curb appeal will also play a huge part in how people perceive your shop, even if they’ve never been there.

Here’s why: we’re living in a time where everyone has an opinion. Let’s say a newcomer to town asks a longtime resident about your business. You do not want the longtime resident to reply, “I’ve never been there, but it looks like a meth house from the outside.”

You’d much rather the coworker say, “Oh, I don’t know much about it, but I wanna know who does their lawn. It always looks great.”

What is Curb Appeal?

Your work isn’t over once you can answer the question, “What is curb appeal?” Curb appeal contains a lot of moving parts.

If your business is lacking in this department, you don’t need to panic. You need to come up with a plan for improving things.

If that plan includes one or more new mailboxes, we can help. Contact us today to ask about our commercial mailbox options.