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What Are The Hidden Features Included in CBU Mailboxes?

And why are they there?

Purchasing a commercial mailbox for your property?

CBU mailboxes, or cluster box units, have been used since 2005 when they became the new USPS standard for centralized mail delivery systems.

For the USPS, using cluster mailboxes is a much more affordable way to deliver mail than other options. CBUs have also added a lot of convenience for postal workers.

Although it has taken some time for builders and property managers to get used to CBUs, the truth is, they are very beneficial. There are plenty of hidden features and benefits that make these boxes great not only for postal workers but for tenants and property managers as well.

Below are some of the best-hidden features and benefits of CBU mailboxes.

1. Heavy Duty Cam Locks

These mailboxes feature heavy-duty, anti-theft cam locks that are incredibly secure. Each tenant can rest assured that their letters and mail items are stored away safely behind locks that are very hard to break into.

Mail theft can lead to bigger problems such as identity theft, so it’s important that a tenant’s mail is well-protected.

2. Drip Edge on CBU Mailboxes

Their top may seem to appear flat, but these mailboxes have slanted roofs that allow rainwater to drip away from the box easily.

Additionally, the roof of a CBU has an added drip edge. The presence of this clever engineering feature means that any rainwater will not only slide off of the CBU box roof but will also slide far away from the tenant mail slots.

3. Sloped Hood on Outgoing Mail Slot

Inside the outgoing mail slot, there is a sloped hood. This is just one of excellent security features that CBUs provide to tenants. This hood also helps to protect mail against weather damage and prevents rainwater from getting into a slot.

Another excellent feature of the hood is that it can add to the protection against theft. With this feature, it becomes impossible for someone to pry open the mailbox and steal a tenant’s mail.

4. Scratch-Resistant Coating

CBU boxes come with a powder coating to help prevent damage from scratches as well as from any weather conditions that occur.

The powder coating can also help protect against vandalism. Graffiti and other types of vandalism that can occur on a public box will be minimized and it will be much more difficult for anyone to cause intensive damage to the box.

Our mailboxes are also made with heavy-duty extruded aluminum and stainless steel. The boxes are corrosion resistant and rust proof.

5. Mail Fishing Prevention Comb

In addition to the sloped hood in the outgoing mail compartments of a CBU mailbox, the units also have a comb that further prevents thieves from fishing into the box and stealing mail.

This feature will help to prevent vandals from using tools or items such as wire hangers to retrieve mail from the CBU mailboxes.

Final Thoughts

While the benefits of a CBU mailbox may not be evident at first, the truth is that these units can be an excellent addition to a property.

It’s hard to beat the amount of thought that has been put into a CBU mailbox design and the many security features that these mailboxes provide.

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