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What are the Best Secure Mailboxes for 2018?

700 million pieces of mail get delivered every day to homes and businesses. That’s almost two pieces of mail for every United States resident!

The USPS works in overdrive to ensure all mail is safe and secure. But they can’t control what happens after they put your mail into your mailbox. With 700 million pieces getting delivered daily, that’s a lot of chances for something to get damaged or stolen.

That’s why having secure mailboxes is important. In this post, we’re going over the best mailboxes on the market that provide the security you need.

Finding the Most Secure Mailboxes

If you live in a condo, apartment or new housing development, you already use a cluster mailbox or cluster box unit (CBU). In fact, centralized delivery is the preferred method by the USPS these days.

Many people consider CBUs the most secure mailboxes since only the resident or business has access to their locking mailbox. The postal carrier opens a panel and places the mail in each recipient’s designated compartment. Then, they close and lock the panel.

Not even the USPS has a copy of your key. Talk about safe and secure!

But not every community has embraced the use of CBUs. If your home isn’t new construction, you still have a curbside or wall-mount mailbox. You can still buy freestanding or locking mailboxes for your front door to replace your current one for added security.

Here are the best locking mailboxes on the market right now:

1. Geneva Post Mount Locking Mailbox

The Geneva Post Mount is for the homeowner who wants their mailbox to match the classic elegance and design of their home. The Geneva is a secure locking mailbox made from heavy-duty aluminum and galvanized steel.

It’s accented with intricate scrolls and a decorative post that stands 53″ high. It’s USPS approved and comes with two keys and stainless steel hardware.

2. Roadside Series H4300 Locking Mailbox

The Roadside Series H4300 Locking Mailbox incorporates a modern design with the classic security you expect from National Mailboxes. This series has a front and rear access locking door.

It’s approved by the USPS and comes in black, green, silver, or white powder coated finish. The Roadside Locking Mailbox also has a Deluxe version made from heavy duty aircraft aluminum and is rust-proof as well as weather and corrosion resistant.

3. Victorian Residential Wall Mount Mailbox

The Victorian Residential Wall Mount Mailbox is another of our great-looking mailboxes that is also at the pinnacle of security.

Made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum for added strength and durability, the Victorian line are rust-proof, and weather and corrosion resistant. This mailbox is durable and built to last decades.

4. Mail House Wall Mount Mailbox

The Mail House Wall Mount may be simple but its security isn’t compromised by its design. It’s manufactured of electro-galvanized 20-gauge heavy-duty steel with a stainless steel mail flap.

Mail House boxes can be surface-mounted or bolt-mounted onto a post. Like all National Mailboxes, it’s approved by the USPS.

5. Mail Boss High-Security Locking Mailbox

The Mail Boss High-Security Locking Mailbox is the ultimate in safety and security. It’s made from heavy-gauge galvanized welded steel and stainless steel hinges.

It includes an exclusive patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism, so unlike other locking mailboxes, it can’t get pried open. It comes with the patented Fast-Trak(R) Mounting Plate, so you’ll have it installed in minutes with ease.

When Safety, Security, and Service Matter Most

There are many locking mailboxes out there that claim to be secure. But unless it’s approved by the USPS and has the Postmaster General’s seal, can you really trust your important correspondence is safe and protected?

When it comes to secure mailboxes, no one is as trusted as we are. At National Mailboxes, we pride ourselves in only providing the best products, at the best prices, with the best service.

Check out our entire product line and contact us for a free quote today.

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