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Wall Mount Mailboxes: What Are They and Why You Should Have One

Did you know that there is a high amount of mail theft in the US every year, and your mailbox is the riskiest non-technological point for mail theft? If someone steals your mail, there is a high chance that they will have your personal information which puts you at risk for identity theft as well.

However, you can lower the chance of having mail and your identity stolen from you by choosing one of many wall mount mailboxes.

Wall mount mailboxes are just mailboxes that are mainly seen mounted on the exterior of a home, most likely next to the front door. They have increased in popularity due to all of the benefits that come with them. Continue reading to find out why you should get a wall mount mailbox.

Increase Your House Appeal

Wall mount mailboxes come in many unique designs you can choose from that will fit the fashion of the exterior of your home. They are bound to add the extra touch of style your house needs in the front.

Increasing the appeal of your home comes with many rewards, one of them are attracting the attention of home buyers. If you are looking to sell your home soon, consider starting the front of your home’s appeal and purchase a wall mount mailbox.

Save Your Mail From Bad Weather

It’s obvious that an old mailbox standing out near the curb of your home most likely won’t protect your mail from bad weather. Your mail could get wet from the rain and the damages may lead to you not being able to read the mail.

However, you can request for duplicate mail to be sent because the last one was damaged, but that is just a hassle that can be avoided if you were to a wall mount mailbox.

Not only are wall mount mailboxes placed on your porch to protect your mail from bad weather, but they will provide you with more security, which leads to the next reason you should choose this mailbox.

Some Wall Mount Mailboxes Come With Locks

Mailboxes that are closer to the front of homes are at less risk of getting stolen from, so getting a wall mount mailbox that comes with a lock that protects your personal mail just adds that extra layer of security.

However, there are some rules you have to abide by when getting a wall mount mailbox with a lock.

You must get permission from your local post office and after you get permission the mailbox must have a slot that fits common mail sizes so the mailman (or woman) can simply slide the mail inside your locked mailbox.

Your locked mailbox must meet certain requirements because post office carriers do not open locked mailboxes and do not accept mailbox keys.

They Are More Convenient

Wall mount mailboxes provide more convenience for you. All you have to do is step out on your porch and simply grab the mail.

Get Your Wall Mounted Mailbox Now

If you are still wondering, “should I get a wall mount mailbox?” Then you need to check out these already USPS approved mailboxes and find out more wall mount mailbox information. After checking out those wall mount mailboxes, don’t forget to purchase one!