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Wall Mount Collection Mailboxes for Your Business

If you run, manage, or help manage a business, then you’ll know there are lots of ins and outs to running one. Utilities, cash flow, and expenditures are just a few, but mailings are also a major part of running your company.

It doesn’t matter if you manage health care, finances, insurance, or even pet care. Chances are excellent that you rely heavily on paper mail, especially if you deal in billing or advertise via the postal service. You likely need to send out many letters or advertisements per day to addresses in your area.

Using the USPS is required for advertisements placed in mailboxes. Did you know that it’s illegal to place flyers and advertisements into mailboxes without postage?

Therefore, you’ll need a reliable method for getting your mail to the USPS for delivery that is convenient for your business, and able to handle a lot of outgoing mail.

What Are Wall Mount Collection Mailboxes?

Wall mount collection mailboxes aren’t creatively named, but they do exactly what they suggest, which is a good thing. These sturdy mailboxes mount directly onto a wall or a vertical surface, and collect outgoing mail for the USPS to collect at some point during the business day.

These oversized, outgoing mail slots feature a pull-down, hopper door handle that employees or customers can use to deposit outgoing mail or smaller packages. Once inserted into the unit, sturdy aluminum construction keeps the contents safe until the USPS can access the compartment through a master lock.

These mailboxes are versatile as they’re good for indoor or outdoor use, due to their weather-resistant finish. They come in a few color varieties, allowing you to match the color of any existing, centralized mailboxes you may already have. Another convenient feature is that they can be recessed into walls, or simply mounted onto one via optional hardware.

These types of mailboxes work very well when used in combination with other wall-mounted mailboxes, such as the 4C wall-mounted mailboxes. They can also be used alone for USPS pickup, so if you don’t already have a centralized mail system, there are no worries.

If using a wall-mounted mailbox for USPS pickup, be sure to select a 4C model, as this type is approved for USPS use.

Do You Need Wall Mount Collection Mailboxes?

Mail advertising isn’t going away, and many businesses rely on it to communicate with the local community, via ads or offers, or with the greater world. According to the Small Business Administration, direct mailers are growing in popularity among customers. This means that having an easy means to handle outgoing mail is a good idea.

This can mean taking daily trips to the post office and waiting in line if you don’t have an outgoing mail collection box capable of holding a day’s worth of mailers. Your business can save time by investing in one or more collection mailboxes.

What if you need extra security? Collection mailboxes are a great way to keep sensitive information, such as medical bills and records, away from the wrong hands. They can work very well in settings that handle these types of documents on a daily basis.

Other settings that deal with a lot of paper correspondence can also make good use of these mailboxes, if they’re running a larger business that handles a good deal of it daily, and don’t have space for mail hampers or a good place to store mail bins securely.

It’s also possible to use wall-mounted collection boxes for non-USPS purposes, such as for the return of items like library books or DVD’s.

Special Features for Safety and Security.

All wall-mounted collection mailboxes are front-loading, making them easy to reach if they’re installed correctly. All parts are made from aircraft aluminum or stainless steel, making it difficult to tamper with the locks or steal the contents within. This means that your outgoing mail (which may include personal information or medical information) is safe from prying eyes.

Collection boxes can range from eight to fifteen inches high, so you can choose the one you need to accommodate your mail volume. You’ll have the option of a master lock for the USPS, or a lock for private (non-USPS) use.

Due to their construction, these units should last for decades against a variety of weather conditions, and more can be added to an existing setup should outgoing mail increase in the future.

How They’re Installed.

Wall mount collection mailboxes should be installed in a location that is easy and obvious for the USPS to reach, on or in a vertical surface. Decide whether you’ll mount the unit or recess it into a wall before you choose a location.

Kiosks, lobbies, and front-facing locations are good places for these outgoing mailboxes. Any location should be accessible at all times, along with any customer mailboxes that are in the same area. Keep all obstructions from the front of the mailbox, and be sure you can keep the area clean during the winter months, if you get snow or ice where you live.

Also be sure to follow the ADA and provide plenty of clearance in front of these outgoing mailboxes, enough for a wheelchair user to navigate safely and easily.

Once you’ve chosen a spot, either cut a hole into the wall, or get the mounting hardware ready. Follow the instructions that come with your unit to mount or recess the mailbox. You may need a helper to lift and steady the unit while you install.

Once installed, contact your local post office if you’re planning to have the USPS collect your outgoing mail. Someone from the USPS will need to install the master lock, so he or she can collect outgoing mail on a daily basis.

Ready to Get Started?

At National Mailboxes, we’re here to help your business grow and stay safe through your mailbox options. Contact us today if you have questions about whether wall-mounted collection mailboxes are right for your organization.