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Using Community Mailboxes to Raise Property Value

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When it comes to the value of your property, money isn’t the only thing to consider. Prospective tenants, both residential and commercial, are looking for certain things in a property. Residential tenants, however, will have different needs than offices or businesses.

The value to those looking to rent an apartment or home on your property isn’t just money, but the upkeep, appearance, and safety of the area. Your community mailboxes are at the front lines of improving your property value in all these areas and reducing tenant turnover. Mail delivery is a vital service for everyone, and investing in secure, attractive, USPS-approved mailboxes is a great way to keep your tenants for many years to come.

So, how can you use your community mailboxes to improve your community’s value?

Tip #1: Invest in New Mailboxes. Perhaps you have old, curbside mailboxes that have taken damage from vehicles or vandals, or there have been theft issues in your community. Or perhaps you have outdated, centralized mailboxes with wearing paint. Both issues can cause your property value to drop, and they can make your property look worn down.

Some old types of mailboxes include vertical 4B mailboxes, which are common in apartment buildings, and some old curbside mailboxes that don’t have locking mechanisms. Many vertical mailboxes are out of sight inside of individual apartment buildings, leaving them more vulnerable to tampering.

The type of new mailboxes right for your property will depend on your layout and locations available for mailboxes. Locking, multi-unit curbside mailboxes are available that are very attractive and good for condo communities, and centralized, 4C mailboxes are the gold standard for apartment complexes and other multi-family communities. These mailboxes are of improved construction over their old counterparts and offer a sense of security to residents.

Tip #2: Use a Front-Facing Location. To put your new, attractive mailboxes to work attracting new tenants, choose a front-facing location such as a front parking lot, or a central area that prospective new residents will see when looking at your property. This will enable new residents to see your new, secure mailboxes, and if those mailboxes include parcel lockers for USPS delivery, you’ll also deliver a sense of security. After all, safety is a big concern for those looking to rent a new location, and with mail theft rising, prospective and current tenants will appreciate your efforts to keep their mail and packages safe.

Tip #3: Beautify. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to make your mailbox area look nice. If combined with a forward-facing location, you can give a great first impression of your property simply by using your mailboxes. Beautification is also a great way to improve your property’s value.

Of course, multi-unit curbside mailboxes are always in a front-facing location and have the highest potential for customization. Many different colors, styles, materials, and labels are available for even multi-unit curbside mailboxes. A property manager can choose a type that suits the palette of a community.

Centralized mailboxes may not have as much potential for customization as the famous curbside mailbox, but they, too, can be used to beautify your community. They’re great excuses to build attractive outdoor kiosks or attractive, front-facing lobbies that welcome all visitors to your property.

Tip #4: Maintain. Once you have your new mailboxes installed, it’s your job to maintain them, but this shouldn’t be a very time-consuming or expensive task. If you’ve installed your mailboxes in the proper locations, you’ll reduce the chance of damage.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure that any mailboxes you have are always unblocked and accessible, especially if you’re getting direct USPS delivery. This means that no vehicles can be blocking your mailboxes, and you’ll need to keep the sidewalks of your mailboxes free of ice and other tripping hazards.

If your mailboxes are in a lobby, the lobby must be unlocked or otherwise accessible to residents during all times.

You’ll also need to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act, which means you’ll need to guarantee wheelchair access to your mailboxes via a ramp, if necessary. Be sure to leave at least three feet in front of each compartment when you install and build a kiosk or a lobby. Many prospective tenants will look for accessibility when considering your property. Also, be sure to have no parcel locker lower than fifteen inches from the ground or floor, and at least one customer compartment no higher than forty-two inches from the ground. The good news is that centralized mailboxes are designed to allow you to easily meet these requirements.

If You Have Questions, be sure to reach out to us at National Mailboxes. We can help you find the right mailbox type for your community, and help you determine where the best location is for your mailbox.