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Top Solutions for Inter-Office Mail Delivery

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Large commercial complexes and companies have a lot of moving parts, and that includes both mail from external sources, outgoing mail, and paperwork. All of these things typically utilize inter-office mailing systems, which sort papers and packages between the offices of the same commercial complex and perhaps the same company.

Of course, just like any other system, inter-office mail has its own pitfalls. Here are some easy solutions you can employ when problems arise.

Issue #1: Misdirected Mail Within a Company

What it is: Mail that goes to the incorrect mailbox, office, or employee within an organization.

If you’re having mail within your office go to the wrong place, the solution will depend on who’s delivering your mail.

If you receive mail from an outside source from the USPS in bulk, and then use a third party to sort and distribute your mail, start addressing the issue there. If the USPS delivers mail directly to each business, office, or employee, look to where the delivery point is.

If a third party receives and sorts your mail, look to these solutions:

  • Is there a sorting system in place for your employee to use before delivering mail to each office, department, or individual?
  • Can your employee easily find where to place mail when delivering?
  • Does your employee have enough time to deliver mail without sacrificing other job duties?

Mail sorters are a common, but fairly inexpensive, solution to organizing office mail, especially for larger companies and properties. They work best for a single company with multiple departments. These sorters are simply slots used for sorting mail and paperwork. Labels make sorting easy, and different colors can easily help direct mail to different departments or personnel.

Another great thing about mail sorters is that if an employee doesn’t have enough time to sort and deliver mail by hand, they can serve as mailboxes to each employee—but only if you’re not handling information that needs extra security. In this case, place your sorting system somewhere easily accessible, such as a ground floor office or lobby.

If mail sorters won’t work for you, consider labeled or numbered door slots in each office/department door. If theft or sensitive info is an issue, you can also look into centralized mailboxes for private delivery, as these compartments are locking and much more secure than mail sorters.

Issue #2: Misdirected External Mail.

What it is: Mail from the USPS that is going to the wrong people, offices, or departments within a commercial property.

Because there’s one entry point for mail in this scenario—the USPS or another delivery service—this issue can be simple to resolve.

  • Is mail being delivered to an unsecure area?
  • Is the postal employee or delivery person having trouble reaching everyone who needs delivery?
  • Is so much mail being delivered that it’s difficult for your company to handle?
  • Are there too few resources or too little time to sort the mail being delivered to your commercial complex?

Receiving direct USPS delivery to each department and employee can have a higher upfront cost, but it can save you time and resources later. However, direct USPS delivery has stricter requirements, and you’ll likely need a centralized mail delivery system, such as horizontal, recessed, or cluster mailboxes. You’ll need to find centralized mailboxes that are approved for USPS delivery, which means that you’ll need something from the new 4C line of mailboxes. Thankfully, these will be labeled for you at National Mailboxes.

Centralized mailboxes must meet certain requirements, but they are secure and sturdy, lasting for decades. They’ll always need to be available, and never behind a locked door or other obstruction, so keep this in mind when purchasing and installing. You’ll also need to place them in an obvious, easy to access location. They can come labeled with numbers for easy mail sorting.

If you can’t install your mailboxes in a location that’s open 24/7, consider mailboxes for private delivery, which don’t have as many restrictions. However, you’ll still need a third party to deliver to these boxes, preferably right after USPS delivery. Accessories such as mail bins and hampers can also assist those working in your office mail room.

Issue #3: Guarding Data.

What it is: Data such as Social Security Numbers, health info, financial info, and more, that comes in paper form such as mail.

If you run a healthcare business or financial institution, or any business that handles such information, security comes first. This includes guarding any paperwork, charts, or financial info that must change hands within your company.

  • Are you concerned that unauthorized third parties can easily find such information in paper form?
  • Is mail going to the wrong place?
  • Have you had issues with employees stealing information or not handling it well?

When it comes to this type of mail, sorters won’t meet the requirements to keep your patients or customers safe. Door slots are slightly better, but their effectiveness depends on how well each employee keeps doors shut and locked at all times.

Locking mailboxes, or even data distribution boxes, are a great solution for keeping such paperwork and mail safe. Data delivery boxes are specifically meant for sensitive paperwork within an organization, and they are of very sturdy construction with durable locks. As they’re smaller and can fit into a rack system, they can serve as ultra-secure mail sorters, if you need such a system.

Centralized, locking mailboxes are also a great solution, if you’re handling higher mail volumes per employee or department, and also need a solution for the delivery of smaller packages. Be sure to place them in a central location, and if receiving USPS delivery, that they are accessible 24/7.

Still Have Questions?

National Mailboxes is here to help you handle mail delivery to your offices, businesses, and employees, no matter the source or which form of delivery you wish to use. But if you have questions about which sort of system is the best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.