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Tips For Dealing With Mailbox Vandalism

People living in rural or isolated areas tend to experience vandalism most because their mailboxes are usually isolated. Residental mailboxes are somewhat safe, but there are occasional vandalism cases.

Dealing with regular mailbox vandalism can be quite annoying. The last thing you want is duct taping it every time it’s vandalized. As such, you need to find a lasting solution once and for good.

This article is going to help you know just that. Read on to learn more.

1. Report the Case

You can either report the case to the police or your postmaster.

Calling the police is an ideal step in the case of repeat vandalism. Law enforcement can give you a report, which you can use to get insurance reimbursement. Plus, there are mailbox vandalism laws that the police can help you understand if you’re a victim.

Reporting to your postmaster is also a viable decision. For example, the U.S Postal Service has a law enforcement and security arm that deals with such cases. They have an online form that you can fill when reporting a vandalism case.

The Postal Inspection Service will give you Label 33, which you can stick to your mailbox to warn potential vandals.

2. Get a Reinforced Mailbox

If your mailbox is regularly vandalized, it might be time to get a reinforced mailbox. Typically, get an option that can withstand vandalism and other destruction attempts.

There are companies out there that can make a custom mailbox with sturdy features and a lock. Ensure the brackets are made from durable steel. You’ll want to use galvanized bolts to install your new mailbox. Ensure to have a strong wood post to mount your mailbox.

Reinforced mailboxes cost more, but they’ll be worth the investment. When installing your new mailbox, try to make it as indestructible as possible. Don’t forget always to keep your mailbox in good condition.

3. You Can Monitor It

Not necessarily physically, but by installing a small video camera to record any acts of mailbox vandalism. This can be useful especially when reporting the case to the police. Some motion-sensitive cameras can trigger an alarm or beeping sounds if someone is near your mailbox.

Ensure to place the camera at a spot where vandals can’t see. This can be somewhere on your roof’s fascia while facing the mailbox.

Or, you can simply install the mailbox somewhere close to your house. This means that you will likely to hear any suspicious attempts of vandalism. In this case, consider installing wall mount type mailboxes in your home.

Mailbox Vandalism – The Takeaway

Tampering with a person’s mailbox is viewed as destruction to property, which is vandalism according to the federal law. Punishment can start with fines and community service. The case can be elevated to a felony depending on its severity.

If you’re a victim of mailbox vandalism, it’s advisable to talk to your postal service to know how to deal with the case. You’ll need to fill the PS Form 2016 when reporting your case.

If you have any question on mailboxes, feel free to get in touch with us.

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