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The Top 5 Security Features of 4C Mailboxes

While almost everyone has had an encounter with theft, have you ever been a victim of mail theft? In 2013, the Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General arrested 2,876 mail thieves. Of course, unofficially, the numbers of mail theft victims is likely much higher than this.

Who doesn’t love waiting for packages or presents to come in? The last thing anyone wants to imagine is someone stealing them from their mailbox. This is, however, a risk of having an unsecured mailbox – especially during the holidays.

The best way to prevent this crime is to step up your mailbox security. This is where 4C mailboxes come in. Check out these 5 ways 4C mailboxes can protect valuable mail.

1. Heavy Duty Aluminum

Aluminum is a common material used in the construction of these secure mailboxes. They’re already secure with the commonly used heavy duty stuff, but you can find 4C units made of even heavier gauge aluminum.

With the material, thieves will find it much more difficult to break into the units, often deterring the crime altogether.

2. Stainless Steel Features

Many aspects of 4C units include stainless steel features. This is another sign of their superior security.

With stainless steel hinges on the doors of every unit, you won’t need to worry about a mail thief destroying the hinges to get to the mail. This quality of stainless steel is practically indestructible.

In addition to stainless steel hinges, your 4C product will feature even more stainless steel hardware. The pedestal that holds it all up, or the mounting hardware should you choose that design, will also be made of stainless steel. A thief would have to go through a lot to get through that, which makes it less likely that they’ll even consider it worth it.

3. Collars and Crossbars

The crossbars of any secure mailbox, including 4C, should be thicker and reinforced. Again, this deters a criminal from easily accessing private mail.

Additionally, each individual mail compartment should have a special collar that makes a break in more difficult. The collar is also made of a heavy duty metal or alloy.

4. Shelves and Bolts

The only person who should access your mailbox, besides you, should be your mailman. Of course, any entry point is also a potential point of weakness. That’s why secure mailboxes use shelving above and below this access point to discourage break-ins.

In regard to bolts, the most secure 4C mailboxes will use thicker ones that are at least one-quarter inch in diameter.

5. Design Options

While not technically a security feature, it’s nice to find a secure product with diverse design options. Whether you choose a pedestal mounted, wall mounted, horizontal, or vertical 4C mailbox, you know you’re getting a secure product.

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Not only can mail thieves steal your holiday gifts and Amazon orders, but they can even steal your identity if they get a hold of sensitive information. Let us at National Mailboxes help secure your important and personal mail.

If you’re looking to improve your mailbox security and prevent mail-related crime from happening, contact us about our 4C mailboxes today!

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