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The Most Ideal Locations for Multi-Unit Mailboxes at Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes can be complex properties to maintain and manage. If you manage or own a complex, or even a single apartment building, you’ll likely have run into the issue of providing the right mailboxes for your property. And the need for apartment mailboxes is growing; currently, over a third of renters live in apartments. That means a lot of mailboxes and providing the means for renters to receive packages safely.

Perhaps you’ve chosen centralized mailboxes for your apartment complex or are renovating and looking to upgrade what you already have. One major decision you’ll face is the best location for your mailboxes. In fact, you’ll need to know this before you even choose your mailbox type.

Great Locations for Your Community Mailboxes

Centralized mailboxes are the most common mailbox type for apartment complexes, with multiple customer compartments and parcel lockers contained in a single cabinet. They can be mounted side by side until all customer needs are met.

Here are some good locations for centralized, multi-unit mailboxes:

1: Apartment Clubhouses. If you’re planning on building or remodeling an apartment clubhouse, it is an excellent place to put your centralized mailboxes.

Apartment clubhouses are obvious locations for mailboxes, as they’re typically where residents gather, pay rent, meet with management, or hold events. The USPS will also be able to easily find an apartment clubhouse, as they’re typically at the front of or in the center of an apartment complex.

Multi-unit mailboxes will work well in or out of a clubhouse. If placing them outside, using a kiosk or a central slab of concrete will work well, and freestanding or pedestal mailboxes are well-suited for outdoor use.

If indoors, recessed mailboxes will work the best, as they’ll fit well into central hallways and mail rooms. If you opt for an indoor setup, there is a greater opportunity to incorporate your mailboxes into an attractive space. Indoor mailboxes also shield your mailboxes from weather and are easier to light. Just make sure that your mailboxes are accessible 24/7.

2: Near Parking Lots. Another very common area for mailboxes is near a central or front-facing parking lot. Mailboxes of this type are typically freestanding, pedestal, or recessed mailboxes. They can mount on concrete slabs (freestanding models) or they can stand under a kiosk.

Parking lots are good locations for mailboxes because it allows residents to drive up to get their mail, and it’s also easy for the USPS to find and reach. Just make sure that nothing is obstructing your mailboxes and keep any sidewalks and parking spots always clear of hazards such as ice.

3: At the Front of the Complex. If you won’t have a large parking lot or clubhouse available, or don’t otherwise have space, placing your centralized mailboxes at the front of your complex, or near the entrance, is also a good choice.

Typically, these mailboxes will be the freestanding type, or housed in a kiosk. Mailboxes at this location will typically be drive-up, and will be easy for the USPS to reach, so long as parking before your mailboxes doesn’t block traffic.

4: Central Kiosks. Kiosks are a popular choice for housing multi-unit mailboxes because they not only keep weather off your mailboxes and protect residents, but can also come in all shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. They can also have lighting installed. Kiosks are often next to central parking lots, front-facing, or in some other centralized location. Like other locations, kiosks must be accessible at all times, easy to find, and easy to reach.

5: In Front of Each Apartment Building. In some cases, residents prefer to have their mailboxes located in front of each building. This can be especially true where many residents have mobility issues, lack vehicles, or in the case of very large complexes. As a rule of thumb, residents should not have to walk more than one block to retrieve their mail.

Other Considerations

No matter where you choose to place your mailboxes, there are a few rules that mailboxes in apartment complexes must follow. If new or part of a renovation, ensure there is one parcel locker (for packages) for every five units. Maintain at least three feet of space in front of each unit for wheelchair access, and take care to provide adequate lighting, even surfaces, and an obstruction-free zone for residents.

Wondering If You’ve Chosen Right?

National Mailboxes can help you make sure you’ve selected the best multi-unit mailbox for your apartment complex’s needs. If you need assistance with your investment, be sure to reach out to us today.