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The Convenient Wall Mounted Mail Drops and Receptacles

Everyone loves convenience, especially when it comes to receiving mail, and everyone also loves not having to worry about mail theft. The good news is that in recent years, mailboxes have advanced to reduce theft, tampering and wear. But did you know that mail drops have done the same thing?

Mail drops are more secure and advanced versions of door slots. These receptacles receive mail, and function much like mailboxes. Some lead directly into attached mailboxes, and others guide mail into another area, such as an adjacent room. They typically have slots or doors that the USPS or a private entity (such as an employee of a commercial property) can drop mail into. But unlike simple door slots, wall-mounted mail drops can utilize walls and other surfaces to keep important documents and packages secure.

What Features Do Wall Mounted Mail Drops Have?

  • Unlike simple door slots, wall mounted mail drops have not only a mail flap, but a chute designed to mount into a wall or other vertical surface. This chute makes mail theft far more difficult than a simple door slot and is also good at guiding mail into a specific area, such as a container.
  • Wall mounted mail drops come with a spring-loaded stopper, allowing the user to control how far the flap can open. This adjustable feature can further help prevent mail theft or allow only a certain size of item through the flap. This
  • These mail drops are made of an aluminum plate and 20-gauge steel, making them very durable and resistant to damage.
  • Wall-mounted mail drops can be used for private delivery within a business, making them an excellent choice for exchanging valuable documents or paperwork.
  • Wall-mounted mail drops can also be useful for direct USPS delivery, if being used for residential (non-business) doors in the same way as regular wall slots.
  • Add-ons are available, including door engravings. Another valuable add-on is the Wall Mount Collection Box.
  • A wall-mount collection box can be purchased and attached to wall-mounted mail drops. This box acts as a receptacle for mail and packages and attaches to the inside end of the chute. This receptacle locks and comes with tenant keys and is also made of heavy-duty aluminum.

What Are The Advantages of Wall Mounted Mail Drops?

While residents can use these mail drops in lieu of wall slots for greater security, other parties will find a good use for wall-mounted mail drops as well. This is because they are good at handling the flow of mail into a specific area, rather than onto the floor like standard mail drops. Wall-mounted mail drops can:

  • Be installed at any height or on any vertical surface when being used for private delivery, allowing flexibility with installation, so long as the chute goes through the vertical surface and is accessible from the other side.
  • Prevent mail or important documents from ending up on the floor of an office due to under-door delivery or the use of regular door slots. This in turn reduces the chance of slipping on or damaging important mail.
  • Be in one central location, or in many locations on a commercial property, such as in front of each office or department.
  • Be used for other purposes such as the returning of library books, rent checks, or DVDs after hours.
  • Serve customers indoors or outdoors due to their sturdy construction and resistance to weathering. A powder coat finish will keep wall-mounted mail drops looking good for many years to come.
  • Work well in academic or military settings where documents are often exchanged.
  • Help to protect documents that have protected information, reducing the chances for crimes such as identity theft.

How Are Wall Mounted Drop Boxes Installed?

Installation is simple for these receptacles. Installation involves first finding a suitable location for the drop box. Once a spot has been chosen, simply place the mailbox against the wall and mark off the location of the chute. Once completed, cutting the opening in the wall is the next step, and this opening will be just over twelve inches wide and just over five inches tall to fit the chute.

Once a hole is created, the chute will be inserted into it. Mounting hardware is drilled through the mail drop’s interior and into the sides of the wall to keep the chute firmly in place. Repeat as necessary for other wall mounted drop boxes. Please note that each drop box will need its own opening, as they will not be stable if mounted directly beside each other.

Have Questions? National Mailboxes can help you answer your questions about your commercial mailbox needs, including whether wall mounted drop boxes are a good solution for your business. If you need any further information about drop boxes, contact us today.