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The Benefits of Using Mail Sorters For Your Business

If you run a business or a commercial property, you know that there are a lot of moving parts to such a job. Costs must be kept down, landscaping must be managed, and repairs have to be carried out. However, many property owners and business managers overlook one major moving part that isn’t going away any time soon: the mail.

Though email marketing and digital mail is on the rise, it’s still beneficial to use direct mail (paper mail) for marketing and inter-company communication. Direct mail open rates can be as high as 90%, and when customers respond to such marketing, they’ll often respond with paper mail as well. This  means receiving, and sorting, such mail at a commercial complex.

Of course, making sure such mail gets to the right place is important. When a single business or company is receiving a high volume of mail, both from customers and from within the organization, mail sorters can come to the rescue.

Steel Mail SortersAn Organized System

Mail sorters are exactly as they sound. Unlike centralized mail delivery systems, which usually serve multiple businesses and take delivery directly from the USPS, mail sorters are designed for use within the same company or organization.

While mail slots in office doors can also be used to distribute documents and other types of mail to the right personnel or employees, this approach may not work very well for larger office buildings or commercial complexes, or for companies with a lot of employees. For such a scenario, a centralized system for organizing mail and other documents will likely work the best.

In fact, having such an organized system has many benefits. The key is to set up a filing system that is simple and easy to scale up, if needed.

Mail sorters are essentially shelves with multiple, small compartments designed to sort mail and other documents. They come in a variety of materials, ranging from wood to steel. Some come as wire racks that are lighter and easier to move than their counterparts. Compartments can range from a few to dozens.

Many mail sorters can be installed directly on top of desks, while others can mount directly to walls. Many are open models, but others can come with locking doors if security is needed or the documents they collect are sensitive.

Mail sorters can be installed side by side if needed, allowing the creation of a customized mail room or area in an office. Different types can be combined to meet the needs of various departments in the same company, saving on costs. Mail sorters can also receive labels, making it easy for the sorter to place documents in the right place.

Sorters can have horizontal compartments, vertical compartments, or both. Some can recess into walls with open backs, if space is a concern in a mail room. For greater organization, some can come with tables that will allow an employee to more easily sort mail.

The Benefits of Mail Sorters

In a busy office or other commercial building, building an effective, organized, and efficient mail room can reap a lot of benefits.

In many businesses, important documents, marketing materials, and other items go back and forth between employees, often getting lost in the process. Placing mail in the wrong door slot can be difficult to fix, and if that mail is sensitive, this can be dangerous as well.

Mail sorters can eliminate these issues and save time for employees who must sort mail, projects, and other documents. By having all mail sorted in one easy place, mistakes can be easy to fix, documents can become easier to handle, and sensitive documents can be placed in a secure location if necessary.

Sorters For Security

When sensitive or important documents are being exchanged for delivered in a commercial, government, or medical setting, locking mail sorters are also available. Data breaches are a serious concern, whether those records are paper or electronic, and locking mail sorters are one weapon against such a thing happening.

Security sorters are made of heavy-duty materials that are resistant to tampering and can easily be installed as part of a mail room. Different models are available. Some models have individual locking doors, while others have one larger locking door that guards multiple compartments.

Desktop models are available as well as wall-mounted models and full cabinets. Steel shelves can generally be adjusted for size as needed. While sorters usually come in steel, wooden sorters are also available for settings such as offices or where sorters need to match furniture.

A Variety of Uses

Mail sorters aren’t only for use in offices and other commercial properties. Schools can make use of mail sorters as well, for distributing assignments, collecting homework, and more. Wooden mail sorters are available for places such as classrooms and for areas where there is a need to match the palette of a room. Wooden sorters will go well with the atmosphere of a classroom or an upscale office.

A variety of sizes are available, with some sorters mounting to walls and others including shelving that can be used for other purposes. Some sorters also come with attached cabinets. Bin mail sorters contain colorful bins or totes that can add to a classroom as well, and are ideal for collecting childrens’ assignments and projects.

Smaller mail sorters can be used as simple organizers as well. Single desks can use smaller wall-mount models to add to the décor and organize documents.

Build Your Custom Mail Room Today

Mail sorters can be a cost-effective way of handling mail, assignments, or other documents for an entire company, school, or facility if regular, centralized mail delivery wouldn’t be feasible. Secure models are available for sensitive documents, and attractive sorters are available for places such as classrooms or more upscale offices. The ability to customize an organized mail or document room is at your fingertips. Contact us today to get started.