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Taking A Look At The Importance Of Finding A Trusted Contractor In Your Area

Because of how involved and expensive contracting can become, it’s important to find the right person for the job. Tiling a bathroom and installing mailboxes are relatively simple when you have a trusted contractor doing the work.

So exactly do you find the right guy for the job? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.

Continue reading and we’ll walk you the most important tips to finding a trusted contractor.

Check Online Reviews

With the proliferation of the internet, there are now online reviews for pretty much anything — contractors included. 

You can use general online review sites like Yelp or even more specialized resources. The great thing about these sites is that they are from actual customers and often include photos of the finished work as well.

It’s still important to take these reviews with a grain of salt though. Online reviews are notorious for being extreme, either extremely positive or extremely negative. Remember that sometimes customers overreact on both ends of the spectrum.

Try to look for recurring themes among all of the reviews to get a good sense of how the contractor conducts his business.

Ask Family and Friends

Perhaps more reliable than online reviews, asking people who you actually know is one of the best ways to find a good contractor. Speak to people who you trust and ask them to be candid with you. Plus, they might even be able to help get you a better deal if they bring a lot of business to this contractor.

Ask for Referrals

Once you have a few contractors on your shortlist, contact them and ask for them to refer you to some recent customers. If they refuse, it may be for privacy reasons but it also might be a red flag. 

If they give you the contact information of some customers, call them and ask about how their experience was. This is a good time to ask in-depth questions about things you might not be able to find online.

Make Sure They’re Licensed and Insured

An unlicensed contractor will probably cost you less. But you’ll end up getting what you paid for. Don’t take the risk to save a couple of bucks. 

The contractor you select should be registered and certified by the Better Business Bureau. You should also check with your community’s cour records to look for any legal problems.

The contractor should also be insured. This is to protect you more than them.

If an uninsured contractor ends up falling off a ladder on your property, you’re more than likely going to have to lawyer up. Your homeowner’s insurance can only cover so much.

Finding a Trusted Contractor for Your Next Project

In today’s well-connected world, it’s never been easier to find a trusted contractor for your next project. Just make sure to be diligent and resourceful.

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