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Some of Our Favorite Commercial Mailbox Projects

If you are investing in commercial mailboxes for your community or property, then you’re likely wondering how to best use them and where to best use them. This is especially true if you’re renovating a property to increase its value, or still in the stages of designing your property.

Centralized mailboxes come as is, with multiple customer compartments contained inside a single aluminum cabinet. Because centralized mailboxes of all types tend to look plain, and emphasize function and security over looks, it’s up to property managers to install them in an attractive manner.

The good news is that where you install your mailboxes is highly customizable, provided your mailboxes will obey the Americans With Disabilities Act and will be accessible every day at all hours. Many property managers create attractive “mail stations” that match the palette of their community or business complex. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Mail Kiosk. Perhaps the most customizable type of mail station is the kiosk.

Kiosks are designed for outdoor use and are very popular in communities. The typically hold recessed horizontal mailboxes, which slide into a hole inside a vertical surface and save space. Kiosks typically stand in a central or front-facing part of a community or business property, and look “house-like” with a roof and walls.

Kiosks can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from brick to wood to concrete. A property manager can paint a kiosk in any color, easily matching the palette of a community. Roof materials can also vary. Bamboo, wood, shingles, and metal are all on the table, and it’s good to have the kiosk match the roof and wall style of the homes or apartments it’s serving. An attractive kiosk will also welcome prospective tenants and raise property value.

But did you know kiosks work not just for recessed mailboxes, but for freestanding and pedestal models? These centralized mailboxes stand alone on concrete, often leaving them exposed to the elements. Adding a roof over these mailboxes can create a sort of kiosk, as well as keep rain and snow off the area.

Lobby. Lobbies are an excellent area to keep centralized mailboxes and can also welcome visitors to your community or commercial complex. Most often, recessed mailboxes or wall-mounted mailboxes are used in lobbies, though recessed mailboxes have the highest potential for fitting seamlessly into a room.

The concept is the same as that of a kiosk: to offer a sheltered area for residents or businesses to check their mail. Lobbies are also very customizable, especially with lighting and artwork, which can be more varied than in a kiosk outdoors. Recessed mailboxes can be decorated with attractive trim around them, wall panels, plaques, and more.

One perk of creating a mail lobby is that a lobby is easy to monitor and to light. Safe lighting reduces accidents, theft, and vandalism. Lobbies also don’t have to contend with weather, and you won’t need to clear an area of snow and ice in the winter.

Stone and Brick Columns. If you’re looking to have multiple mail stations, such as one for every apartment building in your complex, stone and brick columns will both protect your mailboxes and make them look attractive, matching the materials and color of your buildings.

Most often, recessed mailboxes are used in columns, the same way some single curbside mailboxes are placed in them. Be sure to check local regulations before using such a setup, as there may be restrictions in place for such mailboxes near roads.

Some project managers have even mounted their mailboxes on a stone base, adding to the attractiveness on a mail station. Stone also comes in a variety of natural colors as well.

Other Ideas. Sometimes, simple is better, especially for some commercial properties. Many managers place mailboxes in central hallways or corridors, or place pedestal mailboxes outdoors near sidewalks and parking islands. These areas can be landscaped with flowers, boulders, and other decorations which will be attractive while deterring vandals. There is almost always room for creativity.

There will always be a choice of mailbox colors, address plaques, and engravings no matter which type of setup you choose. Your mailboxes can complement any area that you imagine.

Even plain mailboxes can look attractive if placed in the right area, or if they have the correct layout. Creative layouts can be found in our gallery (see above.)

Get Started Today. National Mailboxes is committed to helping you choose the right setup for your property, and we love seeing what property managers and planners can come up with. If you have questions about which type of mailboxes will work the best for your setup, reach out to us today.