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6 Signs You Should Add Parcel Lockers to Your Mailbox Setup

Parcel Lockers

If you manage a property, no matter the size, you’re likely dealing with the logistics of package delivery, especially if you run a multi-tenant property. And it doesn’t matter if you have a residential or commercial property, either. Almost everyone receives packages nowadays. Did you know that the average US household received over 150 packages per year in 2022? For businesses, numbers can vary, but supplies and other valuable items make up a large share of package delivery each year.

The ability to receive packages timely, conveniently, and safely is very important to everyone. As a property owner or manager, providing the means for safe package delivery is very important, and will help to prevent the dreaded tenant turnover.

The Parcel Locker

1590-T2 Parcel LockerParcel lockers are a great way to provide safe and effective package delivery to your tenants. These compartments are often included with USPS-approved, 4C centralized mailboxes. They’re larger than normal mail compartments and can hold all but large packages. Each compartment is locking, and when a package is delivered, the recipient gets a key to access that parcel locker. This keeps the package safe from theft until it’s picked up.

Benefits of parcel lockers include:

  • Many are approved for direct USPS delivery, and can be installed alongside an existing, centralized mail setup.
  • Parcel lockers can also be installed alone.
  • Parcel lockers can be used for private delivery as well. This means that an employee of a property can take packages from a delivery service (even those other than the USPS) and then store those packages in parcel lockers for tenants until it’s time for pickup.
  • These compartments are sturdy and highly resistant to damage and tampering.
  • Parcel lockers are designed to work with recessed, freestanding, or wall-mounted 4C mailboxes. Different models are available to fit your property’s needs.

Each property and package delivery situation are different, so how do you know if it’s time to add parcel lockers to your mailbox setup? Look for these signs that your tenants are in need of parcel lockers, or more parcel lockers than you already have:

Sign #1: Packages are going missing. Don’t ignore reports of packages going missing from your property. In addition to other security measures, such as installing cameras and good lighting, consider adding more parcel lockers to your mailbox setup. If the missing packages are from the USPS, adding parcel lockers to your USPS-approved mailboxes will help reduce the chances of package theft, especially if packages aren’t too big.

If you have older, centralized mailboxes that lack parcel lockers, consider upgrading them to the newer 4C models, as they usually have parcel lockers. Aim for at least one parcel locker per ten customer compartments for commercial properties, unless package delivery is high. If you’re installing new mailboxes for an apartment complex, aim for one parcel locker per five compartments, as mail theft can be common in apartment complexes, where packages are often left in front of doors.

Sign #2: You hold onto packages for tenants, and it’s taking up too much room. Some commercial properties hold onto packages for tenants in a central place such as a lobby or an office. This can be especially true when many packages come from non-USPS carriers. In this case, packages can pile up in these areas, leading to confusion, frustration, and the lack of space.

College mailrooms often face this issue, and many use parcel lockers to store packages for students until it’s time for pickup. Then, students receive a key to access their packages.

The same strategy can be used on other types of properties, especially when there is a higher number of tenants.

Sign #3: You have tenants who are often closed or absent. Not every business or residential tenant will always be open or home during the hours when package deliveries occur. Using parcel lockers can help keep packages safe until customers are ready to take them. Parcel lockers can be especially useful for some businesses that are receiving expensive supplies but don’t always have unlocked doors for the USPS.

Some tenants, such as retirees, may vacation more often than other residents, and will need a way to keep packages safe. Consider adding more parcel lockers for these tenants if the need arises.

Sign #4: You have aging mailboxes on your property. Older centralized mailboxes usually don’t have parcel lockers, and they’re no longer approved for new properties or renovations by the USPS. These older mailboxes are more likely to have visible wear and tear. If you’re not sure, ask your local post office if your mailboxes are outdated. Upgrading them will usually get you parcel lockers, in addition to new mailboxes.

Sign #5: Packages are often left exposed on your property. Look at your property for signs of this issue. If, when packages are delivered to each tenant, are the packages visible to anyone passing on the street? Are packages being left out in the elements, or in unlit areas, or out in the sun for extended periods of time? This can lead not only to package theft, but to damage from rain and other weather conditions. Consider adding parcel lockers to reduce this issue or add landscaping to make packages less visible from high-traffic areas.

Sign #6: Customers request parcel lockers. Listen to your tenants if they voice concerns about the safety of their packages. After all, safety is one of the top reasons that tenants will choose to rent at your property versus another and can mean the difference between retention and turnover.

At National Mailboxes, we’re here to help you provide the safest and most convenient package delivery to your tenants, and parcel lockers are a great way to help do so. If you have questions about what types of parcel lockers are the best for your property, or how many you need, or where to best install them, let us know by reaching out to us.

Parcel Locker FAQs: