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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Top 4 Direct Mail Trends of 2019

Although marketing budgets vary by industry, on average 11 percent of a company’s budget is spent on marketing. This means you can’t afford to waste your marketing budget.

That’s why you need to invest in direct mail marketing. Direct mail is still relevant even in the age of digital marketing. In fact, many marketers say that direct mail is outdoing digital marketing in its effectiveness.

This is because online readers are getting tired of seeing banners, pop-ups and other forms of intrusive advertising. In such an environment it is no wonder why direct mail marketing is still so effective. Here are some top trends in direct mail marketing for 2019.

1. Mix it Up

There is no reason why direct mail marketing cannot be used alongside digital marketing. In fact, using direct mail marketing to send people to digital marketing is more effective than doing it directly.

That is why one of the top trends of 2019 is sending mail that has QR codes. Your potential customers can scan the code online to redeem an offer. Another popular trend is to add a specific URL in your direct mail that sends people to a specific landing page.

2. Personalize Your Direct Mail When You Can

It takes a bit more work to personalize mail but it is well worth it because it gives you a higher response rate.

Research some of your potential mail recipients and find out what interests them. Once you do this you can then tailor your campaign to match their interests.

At the very least find out the name of the recipient, even this small amount of personalization will grab attention. This is one of the reasons why personalization is such a trend in 2019. 

3. Keep it Simple

These days direct mail marketing campaigns are making use of more simplistic designs. Forget about using fancy fonts and long messages.

It doesn’t matter if your mail is landing in a commercial mailbox or a residential mailbox, no matter who the recipient is, keep it simple and use uncomplicated images to grab attention. 

4. Give People A Reason To Open

Include something on the inside that is not visible but that they can feel from the outside. It may be a card with a 3D logo or mascot image. The curiosity about what is inside will get people to open up your mail.

Once you have at least gotten them to look make sure that you have a simple message that resonates and directs then to take action in some way.

This trend moves away from flashy envelopes and focuses on getting the recipient inside the envelope.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering a direct mail campaign then you are choosing one of the most powerful forms of advertising available.

With direct marketing campaigns, you have the opportunity to combine them with digital campaigns and this increases the overall effectiveness of both campaigns. As discussed, try to keep your designs simple and whenever possible try to personalize your message so that you get a better response rate.

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