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Setting Up the Perfect Mail Room for My Business Office

Mail rooms are a vital part of many large offices and commercial complexes. But you’ve likely heard horror stories about the difficulties of running some mail rooms, and you know that those difficulties can lead to other problems in your office. When not properly managed, mail can get lost, delayed, or even stolen, which can be a major issue if you’re handling medical records, Social Security numbers, or financial information.

But it’s possible to create a mail room that is easy to use, doesn’t take up too much space, and can provide extra security if needed. Here are some ideas for your mail room.

For Mail Going In and Out. There is no doubt that if you need a mail room, a large volume of mail goes in and out daily. This means managing the flow of mail from the USPS to your employees, and vice versa.

Your first priority will be to set up a liaison between your mail room and the USPS, or your mail room won’t function. This contact point can simply be a front desk employee who receives a postal bin of mail each day, and hands over another bin of outgoing mail. However, this isn’t always possible.

Letter locker collection mailboxes are an excellent and secure choice for holding incoming and outgoing mail. These large compartments can fit one or two USPS postal bins each, which are designed to hold large mail volumes. These bins are often necessary to move large volumes of mail to and from the same address.

Letter lockers are secure and of sturdy construction. If you choose to install one, you’ll need postmaster approval before doing so, to ensure USPS delivery and pickup. Your letter locker collection box should be located close to your mail room, if not directly outside of it.

Hampers and plastic postal bins are a good way to collect outgoing mail, if you are dealing with a very large amount of mail daily. They’re also great for collecting mail from around a complex or building, which can save time.

However, they aren’t secure, and if you’re collecting sensitive mail, you’ll want a locking drop box, or to place your postal bin in a secured, supervised location. Locking drop boxes are available for USPS pickup or for private (by an employee) pickup. They can stand alone or mount on concrete, depending on the model, so you’ll need to choose one that suits a convenient location for your employees.

Distribute With Sorters, Rotary Mailboxes, or Private Delivery Mailboxes. Once you receive mail from the USPS or another source, it is time to distribute it. There are multiple options when it comes to distributing mail to each employee or department, and an option for every security need.

Mail sorters are ideal for distributing mail to each employee if you don’t need to lock compartments. They take up little space and are simple rack systems that can fit on desks and counters or stand against walls. Some mail sorters even double as desks, making sorting easier. They are very easy to install, and many types are available. Steel mail sorters, wooden models, and wire racks are all available, so that you can choose a type that fits the aesthetic of your office mail room.

Mail sorters are also great for inter-office mail that employees must send to each other, such as paperwork, so long as they are placed in a central location. Sorters can be color-coded and labeled as well.

If you’re distributing mail with protected information, such as account numbers, health records, or financial information, you’ll need a more secure option than mail sorters. Locking customer compartments are available, and these centralized mailboxes can mount to or recess into walls, also saving space. Each employee will have a key to their compartment.

These centralized mailboxes are for private delivery and work well in an office mail room. They range from freestanding rotary mailboxes to wall-mounted or recessed mailboxes, and each has rows of employee compartments. Both types are either front-loading or rear-loading and can be mounted side by side. Rotary mailboxes are a rack-ladder style, meaning that compartments can be slid on top of each other until the desired number is met. An enclosure can hold these rotating mailboxes in place, allowing easy delivery when rear loading is used.

Don’t forget to label your mail slots, rotary mailboxes, or private mailboxes with appropriate employee names or office numbers. Labeling will help to reduce lost mail and allow your employees to distribute mail quickly.

Still Need the Perfect Mail Room? Don’t hesitate to contact us at National Mailboxes if you need help creating the perfect mail room for your business or office complex. We are here to make sure you and your employees are confident in your choice.