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How to Select the Best Multi-Unit Mailbox For Commercial Use

Amazon Prime delivered 5 billion packages in 2017, and there’s no sign of a slowdown coming anytime soon. With packages delivered to everyone from commercial to residential customers, commercial companies are especially reliant on secure mail facilities. When you’re shopping for a multi-unit mailbox, you should keep in mind the changing state of mail delivery.

Shipping sensitive customer or product data can be important to small businesses, legal firms, and medical offices. They want to know that you’ve carefully chosen a good multi-unit mailbox solution that will keep their secrets safe.

When you’re searching for the best multi-unit mailbox for your commercial site, be sure you consider these 5 features.

1. Horizontal Mailboxes Are An Easy Solution

Horizontal mailboxes are widely used across commercial properties around the country. They’re often built with aluminum and offer the same kind of security and stability that cluster boxes offer. Look for a color coated finish if you want to ensure they fit in with the design standards of your building.

If you’ve already got wall-mounted mailboxes, a horizontal mailbox can easily be placed in a wall in order to replace your existing one.

With front-loading and read-loading options for many horizontal mailboxes, you can make it easy for your carriers to fill up the boxes quickly and easily. Some styles allow for engraving or personalization of mailboxes.

See how your clients want to have their mailboxes personalized as an added bonus of renting a space on your property.

2. Security Is Essential

Many commercial businesses receive test products, sensitive and personal customer information, or even payments via the mail. Your tenants need to be reassured that their mail is always secure. One mistake and a company could face a lawsuit or lose a client.

This could lead to issues with the business and a distrust of you as the owner or manager of the building.

A secure multi-unit mailbox is a must-have for any secure building. Your tenants need to know they’re protected from theft. With nearly 3,000 people arrested for mail theft every year, it’s a real issue that needs to be addressed by any commercial building owner.

When you install a secure mailbox, you won’t have any need to worry about mail theft at your complex. Boxes should have rubber seals, multiple keyholes and private locks for each individual unit. This will make your tenants feel more confident and help to deter any potential thieves from deciding to case your building.

3. Make Sure There’s a Parcel Locker

When you’re looking for the best mailbox option, be sure you get one that has a parcel locker. Even if your unit doesn’t have one, consider installing a second parcel unit.

As more businesses are ordering products and supplies online, there could be multiple deliveries arriving every day. Having to wait an extra day for a missed package delivery or having to drive out to the delivery company’s holding center isn’t always an option.

Parcel lockers are specially designed to hold parcels that come from the USPS. They should easily accommodate larger parcels, at least the size of a shoebox. Get to know the needs of your tenants by asking them outright.

The last thing you need is to have your tenants upset because of the size limitations of your parcel locker.

4. Easy Key and Lock Replacement

Not every tenant will be equally responsible when handling the keys to their locker. While most people only lose their keys once or twice in a lifetime, there are plenty of forgetful people who leave them on a train or in a cab. If your tenant loses their keys, it shouldn’t be the end of the world for them.

Be sure that you have a way to easily replace their keys. Most mail keys can’t be cut by a typical key maker. You’ll often have to order special order keys from the mailbox company. Be sure they have an easy process for this.

On the flip side, people who handle sensitive materials might not want the former tenant to have access to their mail. While the keys might be hard to reorder or to replace, it might not be entirely impossible. If your new tenant has an issue with the idea, be sure you can add an entirely new lock to your mailbox.

Call up the commercial mailbox company and see what their options are for replacement. It should be quick and easy, though you might need a professional to come and do it.

5. Consider Cluster Mailboxes

Cluster mailboxes are a great solution for mailboxes for your commercial property. They allow you to have a single secure unit that is hard to break into and reduces the cost of installation. By creating one isolated space for them to be mounted in or a single wall to have them secured inside of, you reduce the amount of space needed for mailboxes.

Cluster units are often made of aluminum and include weather- and tamper-proof guards. There will be a parcel unit and a main latch that is only accessible by mail carriers.

Be sure that your unit is certified for use by the USPS. This way you’ll be sure that it is up to the standards set out by the post office for security and accessibility. This will make your commercial clients comfortable having their most sensitive materials mailed to this unit.

A Great Multi-unit Mailbox Says A Lot About Your Building

When people walk into your building or to your property, one of the first things they’ll see is your multi-unit mailbox. A strong and secure mailbox will project the image of a secure building.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect commercial mailbox, check out all of the options available before you make your decision.

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