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Secure and Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Business Mailboxes

The U.S. direct mail industry is worth $9 billion.

Are you planning to install a new mailbox? Direct mails are still relevant in today’s digital world, and a mailbox would, therefore, be a vital investment for your firm.

Whether you run a small business or a large firm, a decent mailbox will make your business look more professional and improve your mails’ security and privacy.

This guide will inform of the essential considerations to make when choosing business mailboxes. Read them so that you can choose the best box for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Tip 1: Choose the Best Type of Commercial Mailbox

There are many types of business mailboxes. Their differentiating factors are the mounting options and designs. Before you buy, you should understand your needs to choose the best-fit mailbox for your business.

Here are the main types of business mailboxes which you can buy:

Wall Mount Mailbox

As the name implies, the wall mount mailbox is mounted on a wall. It is the best option if your office space is limited, and you do not want to congest the available space by placing the mailbox on the ground.

You can install one or more wall mount mailboxes depending on the size of your business. Before then, you should find a busy street which is convenient for everyone. The location should be visible and easy to access too.

Post Mount

Post mount mailboxes resemble the wall mount designs. The only difference is that you don’t place them on the wall, but rather, you create a sturdy stand for them.

One main advantage of this mailbox is that you can place it anywhere. You don’t have to restrict its location to the walls, provided that you have enough space in your office compound.

For curb appeal, you may decorate the mailbox stand or write meaningful words that represent your business.

Column Mailbox

A column is a free-standing mailbox. It involves the construction of a column- looking stand with space inside. There is a small opening at one of the sides where people can drop their direct mails.

The column mail is the best option if professionalism is key to your business. It is also the ideal choice if you need a durable mailbox. You can dress it in brick, concrete, or any other material to make it more decent.

Just like the post mount option, the column mailbox requires a larger space in your firm.

Multifamily Mailboxes

You need a multifamily mailbox if your business is large. This design involves many small mailboxes (more than ten) arranged together in the same place.

Each box has its unique directory, so they are the best for large businesses. They guarantee a high level of professionalism and privacy.

Tip 2: Consider the Features

What kind of features do you want in a mailbox? Each commercial mailbox comes with unique features, and you might even customize some according to your needs. If your budget is tight, you can consider the simplest mailbox, which only comes with a padlock.

But if class, professionalism, and elegance are essential to your firm, you will need advanced mailboxes, which are a bit pricey. Here are the standard mailbox features which you may consider when installing a mailbox:

Security Features

The best mailbox should have a reliable locking system. It should have a strong padlock and advanced passwords to keep off third parties from opening your mail.

For advanced security, you may consider the mailboxes with alarms to notify you if an unauthorized person touches them.

Ease of Access

Invest in an easy to access the mailbox. You don’t have to struggle to take the mails in the box. If possible, choose the boxes that have both front and rear access for easier retrieval.

Advanced Features

Advanced features include a newspaper holder, full audit trail for the letters in the mailbox, and so on. Some boxes even come with a configuration folder device for systematically storing the letters.

The advanced features might be costly, but they are great for reputable firms. Understand the various mailboxes features and choose the right ones for your firm.

Tip 3: Consider the Material of the Mailbox

What type of mailbox material are you looking for? Some materials are very strong and can last for decades without damage, irrespective of the weather conditions.

Here are the common mailbox materials. Understand their pros and cons so that you may choose the most convenient for your direct mail marketing.


Steel is the most popular material. It is heavy and durable. Its strong structure makes it the best option for offices that need high privacy levels. However, steel is prone to rust, and you might need to add a coating to extend its life.


Aluminum is not prone to rust. It is an excellent choice for areas exposed to wet weather. However, it is light and might not last for long. If you opt for aluminum, confirm that the material is of the best quality.


Plastic is another incredible material for business mailboxes. It comes in many colors, which means that you can choose the best fit for your theme. Plastic is strong, although it might not have the advanced locking features.

Tip 4: Consider the Size of Business Mailboxes

The last important consideration for buying mailboxes for business is the size. There is no specific size for commercial mailboxes, which means that you solely choose according to your needs.

If your business is large, it would only make sense to buy a large mailbox to accommodate your customers’ needs. A small mailbox will always be overflowing, and this will be a sign of unprofessionalism in your business.

Find a Reputable Business Mailbox Supplier

As mentioned, a mailbox is a valuable investment, and it requires careful considerations. So, don’t rush into buying any business mailboxes you come across. Compare what different suppliers offer and choose the best for your business needs.

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