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Saving Money By Switching To Centralized Mail Delivery

If you own or manage a property, whether it be residential or commercial, you’ll need to find ways to save money while retaining your tenants and keeping them happy. Saving money can help you make a profit from your properties, keep rents affordable for your tenants, and keep everyone involved happy.

With commercial tenants increasingly turning to working at home, the need to save money and provide value for your tenants that they can’t find anywhere else is stronger than ever. Residential tenants will also be looking for the most affordable, convenient housing options, and it’s a fact that package delivery is at an all-time high. Both of these facts mean that secure, centralized mail delivery is a must.

The good news is that by switching to centralized mail delivery, you can save money and time for not only you, but for those who rent your properties. Even if you manage a college campus or military base, the cost savings that come from using centralized mail delivery can be huge.

Retaining and Attracting Good Tenants Is Key

What’s the best way to make sure that you, as a property owner, is able to make a profit? Attracting new residents or commercial tenants to begin with is vital.

What do tenants of all types look for when deciding whether to rent an apartment, home, or office space? Location, appearance, affordable rent, and of course safety are important. Safety doesn’t just pertain to keeping oneself safe, but to keeping property safe as well. Package theft creates an unsafe environment that can drive away good tenants, and it’s expensive to find new tenants. And if you do find new tenants, your chances are higher of having bad ones who destroy property and leave you with higher repair costs.

Stopping Mail Theft

Thankfully, package theft and other mail theft can be largely eliminated by switching to centralized mail delivery. There are are a few basic types of centralized delivery: 4C pedestal mailboxes, which mount on concrete slabs, and 4C horizontal mailboxes that mount onto walls or recess into them. All types of 4C mailboxes consist of secure, locking customer compartments (of a varying number) that can only be accessed by the customer and a USPS employee, if you’re seeking direct USPS delivery.

These centralized mailboxes are installed in an easy-to-access location. Pedestal mailboxes are typically installed outdoors in a central area, near a parking lot, or near the front of a commercial complex. Wall-mount and recessed 4C mailboxes are found in outdoor kiosks, clubhouses, central hallways, and in lobbies.

The great news about 4C mailboxes is that many models contain parcel lockers for receiving packages. When a customer gets a package, he or she gets a key to access that parcel locker in their normal customer compartment. In fact the USPS requires at least one of these lockers per ten customers if you’re getting delivery right from the postal service. Parcel lockers go a long way towards eliminating package theft that can drive your tenants away. More parcel lockers can be added to an existing centralized mail setup to meet any extra package needs.

Lower  (Or No) Repair Costs

While switching to centralized mail delivery can cost some money when ordering, the great news is that you get what you pay for.

Centralized mailboxes of all types are locking, as the USPS won’t deliver to mailboxes of this type with no locks. They are made of sturdy materials with a powdered finish, making them highly resistant to tampering, vandalism, and harsh weather conditions.

What this means for you is that once you purchase and install your centralized 4C mailboxes, no matter what the type, you’ll be unlikely to need to do any repairs to damaged units for a long time. These mailboxes are designed to last for decades, and may even last a lifetime. Once these mailboxes are installed according to USPS requirements, you’ll likely be able to take a hands-off approach, except for the requirement that you keep the area around these mailboxes clear and safe.

Centralized Versus Individual Delivery

If you manage a property with multiple individual mailboxes, or several smaller multi-family or multi-tenant units, you’ll see the biggest benefits from switching to centralized delivery.

If you currently manage and maintain several or many mailboxes, you’ll likely know that they need maintenance every so often and clearing of snow in the winter, if you manage a property in a colder climate. This requires time, paying employees to keep the areas clear, or paying contractors to carry out repairs for each mailbox.

With centralized 4C mailboxes, you can save a lot of money by being unlikely to need to pay someone for repairs, and needing less labor to keep the area around these mailboxes clear in the winter. Individual mailboxes, especially curbside ones, can be more prone to vandalism and damage from vehicles, so for some communities and for commercial properties, switching to centralized delivery can help save on long-term maintenance costs if damage and vandalism have been an issue.

If you’re installing new mailboxes, and if it makes sense to switch to centralized delivery, it may be far cheaper to install one or several centralized units than it would be to install many individual mailboxes.  However, if you’re installing mailboxes for curb appeal, and there is little mail theft or vandalism in your area, you may benefit more from curbside models, which are highly customizable.

Start Making The Switch Today

If you’re tired of maintaining multiple, aged mailboxes or ready to attract new tenants with secure mail delivery, it’s easy to get started. Contact us today to learn which type of centralized mail delivery will work the best and save you the most money in the long run.