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Rotary Mailboxes: How Can They Help Your Office?

Offices are often busy places and making sure that one runs smoothly is no easy task.

One aspect of running any type of office is the paperwork and the mail that must often be exchanged between employees and even departments. Simply handling paperwork can lead to losses, misplaced items, confusion, and more. Mail and paperwork can pile up, taking up space, and employees may need to use up a lot of valuable time to sort it and deliver it to each employee.

Often, mail rooms or mail areas are introduced to handle the flow of mail or internal documents. These can include incoming and outgoing mail as well. Often, these systems utilize file cabinets or mail cubbies. Many offices find them useful for organizing mail and internal paperwork. At other times, mail rooms can become disorganized, especially when people are unable to check for their mail for extended periods of time. This is often the case on college campuses, or when some members of an organization go on vacations.

Space may also be an issue in many offices, especially when handling an increasing volume of packages and other supplies. Time is also a factor in how well mail rooms run. Employees may be needed for other tasks as well. When paperwork and mail needs sorting, a rotary mailbox may help to get the job done in a short amount of time.

What Are Rotary Mailboxes?

Rotary mailboxes are a type of centralized mailbox cabinet, allowing for private delivery only. Private delivery means that these mailboxes are approved for delivery within an organization (such as an employee in the same company.)

Centralized mailboxes are cabinets that have two or more mailboxes or parcel lockers contained within, and each customer compartment contains its own lock. They are available for private delivery as well as USPS delivery. However, the types that work well inside rotary mailboxes are for private delivery only.

Rotary mailboxes have two parts: the cabinet itself, and the mailboxes, which are usually purchased separately.

The outer unit contains a rotating inner cabinet which turns a full hundred and eighty degrees. Inside this inner cabinet, horizontal mailboxes or data distribution boxes can be added, rack-style, as needed.

This rotating feature allows anyone delivering mail to open rear-loading mailboxes from the front of the cabinet, making delivery fast and easy. Data delivery boxes have slots that allow for the easy distribution of sensitive documents, and since these are often rear loading, they will work in rotary mailboxes as well.

This design allows for rotary mailboxes to take up little space in an office, as they are freestanding and can be mounted against any stable, vertical surface. They may work well when space is needed for other uses, such as handling packages and office supplies.


Though rotary mailboxes are made with 16-gauge steel, a sturdy material, some customizations are available to suit the palette of an office. These cabinets also come in a few different colors to fit the palette of the area in which they’re installed. Neutral colors such as oak, slate, green, and blue are available.

Rear panels for rear access can also be added to rotary mailboxes, if loading in such a way is desired. However, this setup will work the best when there is enough space to allow for such an arrangement, or if the rotary mailbox is placed away from a wall. If an employee loads a recessed rotary mailbox from another room, a rear panel will work well.

Choosing the mailbox type to go into a rotary mailbox cabinet is also important. Horizontal rack ladder mailboxes work well for normal mail, while data distribution boxes are ideal for documents that are confidential. The number of compartments can vary, too. Rack ladders allow for the installation of only as many mailboxes as are needed, which can help to save on costs.

Keeping Sensitive Documents Safe

Since rotary mailboxes use mailboxes that have locking compartments, they can be a useful, space-saving way to keep sensitive documents safe until the right person can retrieve them. They can also help keeping this information from becoming lost.

Medical records, employee information, internal documents, and anything else deemed confidential can be kept safe in a compact rotary mailbox. Both horizontal locking mailboxes and data distribution boxes work well inside these cabinets, as they have a rack ladder design. More compartments can be added as needed.

For extra security, a private master lock can be added to a rotary mailbox cabinet, which can only be opened by an employee or manager with the right key. This will further limit access to sensitive information and keep employees and customers safe.

Schools, Military Bases, and More

Rotary mailboxes may be a good choice for college campuses, military bases, and any other facility that relies on private or internal delivery. These facilities often rely on mail rooms, which can become messy and disorganized as mail piles up.

In these cases, several rotary mailbox cabinets can fit into a fairly small and compact area and provide delivery to dozens, if not hundreds, of people within an organization. Since rotary mailboxes can mount to a wall or come with a rear panel, managers and property owners can decide where to mount these mailboxes and whether they’ll receive front or rear delivery.

It is recommended to mount rotary mailboxes in a location that is open for access beyond business hours, as busy schedules may otherwise hinder the ability to check for mail. For sensitive documents, a more secure location is recommended.

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If a compact mail system is needed for private delivery, or if a secure method of distributing documents is required within a company or organization, rotary mailboxes may be the solution for you. Simply contact us today to get started choosing the correct method of private delivery for your company or organization.