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What are the USPS Rules and Regulations for Apartment Mailboxes?

USPS has outlined regulations for the size, shape, and placement of residential and commercial mailboxes. But what about people that live in apartments?

A recent survey found that 20% of Americans live in apartment buildings that house more than 2 families.

The USPS delivers about 493.4 million pieces of mail every day.

If 20% of people live in apartments, that would mean there is an average of 98.7 million pieces of mail delivered to apartment mailboxes every day!

Of course, with all that mail going to apartments communities, USPS needed to lay out regulations for block-style apartment mailboxes as well.

These regulations are often referred to as 4C standards because the most common type of mailbox block installed in apartment communities are the 4C mailboxes.

We have researched all the rules and regulations USPS has placed on apartment mailboxes. Read on to find out what they have decreed.

Postal Carrier Access

The arrow lock is the device that allows the postal carrier to access all the mail compartments of a particular block of mailboxes.

USPS regulations state that the landlord must affix this device 36″ to 48″ from the floor.

Additionally, if the mailboxes are behind a locked door, the landlord must also furnish the postal worker with a key(s) so they can get to the mailboxes.

Parcel Lockers

Often times, people will receive mail that is much larger than the standard letter size.

USPS mandates that landlords supply 1 locked parcel box per every 10 mailboxes for larger items.

The postal carrier would then put the parcel in the designated box and put the key for that box inside the mail compartment for the correct recipient.

Height of Apartment Mailboxes

USPS has also outlined how high a landlord can install mailboxes.

The bottom row of mailboxes must be no lower than 28″ from the floor. The only exception being for parcel lockers which can be no lower than 15″ from the ground.

The top row of mailboxes must not exceed 67″ in height. This way, all average height adults can reach the top mailboxes.

Numbering and Labeling

According to USPS, landlords must label each mailbox with an apartment number and/or tenant name.

As tenants move in and out, it is also the landlord’s responsibility to make corrections to those labels so the postal carrier is not misinformed.

Mail Compartment Size

Mailboxes may be in a variety of sizes and shapes but the smallest dimensions for a standard tenant mailbox must not be smaller than 3 inches high by 12 inches wide by 15 inches deep.

Anything larger than that is acceptable for the USPS regulations.

Broken or Inoperable Locks

If the mailbox has a locking function, the postal carrier may not deliver any mail to that mailbox.

Even if the box is open and the postal carrier can place the mail in the box, if the lock is not functional, mail cannot stay in that box.

More Mail Madness

All those rules and regulations are enough to make anyone’s head spin, especially if you are not already familiar with other mailbox regulations.

If you still have questions about your apartment mailboxes or if you have questions about residential or commercial mailboxes, contact us today!

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