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Real Estate Development and Cluster Box Mailboxes: Five Trends to Know

If you’ve recently dabbled in real estate, you probably came across a trend that’s sweeping the nation… That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, cluster box mailboxes are in!

These mailboxes serve several purposes to owners and renters, and have benefits for the postal service as well: a win-win!

It’s likely that you’ve never given this much thought, so we’ve listed out 5 reasons cluster box mailboxes are so valuable to their respective neighborhoods.

5 Benefits of Cluster Box Mailboxes

1. They Provide More Security for You

Unfortunately, identity theft is at an all-time high, and do you know the main source for thieves acquiring your information?… Answer: your mailbox.

Think about it, your mailbox fills up with bills and statements that have your contact information while you’re at (or driving home from) work. That’s easy-pickings for an experienced identity thief.

While there are precautionary ways to protect your mailbox, the cluster box format lightens the burden of that FOR you.

Your entire complex/neighborhood’s mailboxes are lined up and sealed with a lock that only you have the key to.

The security alone is worth every penny for community mailboxes.

2. They’re Much More Space Efficient

If you’re a builder, you know that space efficiency is at a premium in every neighborhood.

While some may find it hauling to retrieve their mail from one side of the community inconvenient, they’ll appreciate the extra space that their personal mailbox no longer requires.

No more having to consider leaving space for your mailman/mailwoman when parking your car on the street or at the end of your driveway.

Also, no more worry about your next door neighbor running over your mailbox.

Worry not, homeowner, your postal service representative has all the space they need at the cluster box mailboxes located off of your property!

3. They’re Much More Cost Efficient

If having more of your property didn’t sell you on cluster box mailboxes, then having more of your money will.

Most homeowners associations require constant upkeep of your personal mailbox, which means maintenance is coming out of YOUR pocket.

The upkeep of a community mailbox is far more manageable on a homeowner-by-homeowner basis

4. They Require Less Labor/Upkeep

In the time that it takes to set up 16 personal mailboxes, you could’ve set up an entire cluster mailbox hub.

They also require less attention to their upkeep than each individual mailbox at any given household.

Like it or not, you’re partially involved in the costs that your neighborhood incurs. When the neighborhood saves money, so do you!

5. They’re Time Efficient for the Postal Service

We’ve all been there… you’re eagerly awaiting a package that’s supposed to arrive today.

Now you have to wait for your mailman or mailwoman to make their rounds at every other house before you get the package.

Cluster mailboxes create a central location for them to drop off everyone’s mail at one time.

Now that shirt you ordered will be waiting for you when you pull in after work, not the other way around.

Provide the Answer for Your Community

Whether it’s a business park or a neighborhood, cluster box mailboxes will offer security and organization to any community.

With several different options to choose, you can find the exact style and quantity to fit your needs.

For more details on mailbox regulations, be sure to check out our article on USPS requirements for multi unit mailboxes.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries you have at 800-676-5161.

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