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Providing Your Residents with Mail Package Drop Boxes

When it comes to creating new developments or renovating old ones, a lot of factors come into play, such as layout, cost, and location. Perhaps the most important for any development is tenant or resident satisfaction.

Safe and effective mail and package delivery goes a long way towards helping tenants feel safe wherever they rent space, whether that be a store on a commercial property or a home in a condo community. No one wants to discover a package has been stolen or damaged, whether they’re receiving it or mailing it out.

This is especially true for businesses which rely on mailing out higher volumes of mail, but some residents who run small businesses will find that this applies as well. In this case, stolen packages can hit the bottom line of a business.

Installing larger mailboxes is a proven way to help reduce and stop mail theft, especially during holiday seasons where package delivery increases. Large, commercial mailboxes can hold big packages via parcel lockers. But many packages are slightly larger than normal mail compartments, yet not big enough to justify a full parcel locker. These packages are the easiest for thieves to snatch, and are often handled by small businesses.

The good news is that mail package drop boxes provide a secure way for tenants to send out larger volumes of mail and many smaller packages to the USPS.

What are Mail Package Drop Boxes?

While not very common, mail package drop boxes stand on a pedestal, typically outdoors in locations such as schools, offices, colleges, homes, and small businesses. They consist of a single cabinet with four compartments, each with a different function. The good news is that they are approved by the USPS for delivery, and don’t require the installation of a master lock by the postal service.

These units handle incoming and outgoing mail, ranging from regular mail to smaller packages.

At the top of a mail package drop box is the flap in which the owner can insert outgoing mail, which will be held on the outgoing mail tray. A red flag allows the owner to tell the USPS to pick up this outgoing mail.

Just below the outgoing mail tray is the mail deposit area, in which the carrier will place incoming mail. Both of these top compartments share a door which the USPS can access.

The lower two compartments consist of one compartment that doesn’t lock, for USPS access. Your carrier can use this to drop larger pieces of mail such as packages, which will go into the lowest cabinet, a locking compartment that only the owner can access. The lowest compartment can be accessed from the front or the rear, making these drop boxes versatile when it comes to placement.

These units are made of solid aluminum, making then sturdy and highly resistant to damage.

Why Should I Choose One for My Development?

In many cases, residents live far from a post office, making handling mail and receiving packages difficult and unsecure. Driving to the post office to deliver dozens of mail pieces can cost time and fuel, and for commercial tenants, manpower as well.

Having a drop box as an option can improve the ease at which small businesses can go about their routine and improve tenant satisfaction. For homeowners, a drop box that can hold both regular mail and packages may be ideal in cases in which the owner travels often or has mobility issues, making it difficult to check mail and bring in packages every day.

In some cases, security for mail is needed not just to prevent theft from outside a company, but within it. Employee theft of money is growing in small businesses. Mail and sensitive documents can help fraudsters forge documents to embezzle funds, or even to steal the identity of other employees.

Locking drop boxes can help ensure that a small business can protect its employees, privacy, and funds.

Another case in which drop boxes will work well is if a property owner has multiple business tenants, but nowhere to place a centralized mail system such as 4C mailboxes. Perhaps not all tenants need extra security for their mail, making one system unnecessary. If only one or two businesses need such a setup, an outdoor mail package drop box may work well.

What Customizations Can I Do For a Mail Package Drop Box?

Usually, these units stand outdoors on a pedestal. Property owners and managers will have the option between a few different colors, ranging from silver, black, green, and white. This will help match the palette of a property.

Name plates are also available for these boxes, allowing families, homeowners, and small businesses to customize their drop boxes. For companies, this can act as a form of advertising.

A pedestal and mounting hardware can also be ordered for these units if one is not already available at the property. For broken or jammed locks, replacements are also available.

As for location, all commercial mailboxes, including this type, should be installed in an easy to reach, forward-facing or central location on the property. This can include the front of a building, near a front parking lot, near a curb, or outside of a lobby. All mailboxes must be kept free of any obstructions or tripping hazards, for the USPS and for others.

If you have questions about the best place to install your new unit, contact the USPS for contact us with any questions you may have. See below for contact information. It is always good practice to notify the USPS of any new mailbox installations.

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