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Private vs. USPS Delivery for Commercial and Business Properties

Running a commercial property is no simple affair. But there is a balance to strike between keeping business tenants happy and making enough in profit to keep everything running smoothly and the bills paid.

Keeping that balance involves reducing tenant turnover and attracting new businesses into your commercial property to begin with. One way to do that is to help ensure safe and effective package and mail delivery.

Almost all businesses receive regular mail and packages, and it’s well known that packages can sometimes get lost, and mail can fall into the wrong hands. The right mailboxes and package delivery system can help property managers solve these issues.

There are two mail delivery types: USPS delivery and private delivery. Which types of mailboxes you’ll invest in depends on which type of delivery works best for your property.

USPS versus Private Delivery

USPS delivery is simply mail and package delivery that arrives via the USPS and gets placed directly into commercial mailboxes and/or parcel lockers. In other words, the USPS is the final step of the mail’s journey.

Private delivery is mail distributed within an organization or commercial property, usually by an employee or manager of that property. This mail can come from the USPS before the employee distributes it. With private delivery, an employee can distribute packages from other carriers as well.

While private delivery could entail an employee or manager simply hand-delivering mail and packages to each commercial tenant, this approach can become tedious for larger properties or office buildings with many floors or offices. In these cases, using a mail delivery system for private delivery will be the best approach.

Which type of delivery works best for your commercial property will depend on your circumstances. Different mailbox types are available for each type of system, with some only approved for private use.

When to Choose Mailboxes for USPS Delivery

Sometimes, there is no one on staff to hand-deliver mail on a commercial property, meaning that mail could pile up in a lobby or other space as it waits for pickup. This can be problematic if some businesses or offices on the property are closed for any length of time, or if the occupants of some offices go on vacation.

Having a staff member deliver mail and packages can also hurt worker productivity and waste time.

Sometimes, smaller commercial properties have delivery issues from the USPS. There may be no central lobby in a place such as a strip mall, for instance. Businesses can close on certain days, giving the USPS no safe location to place packages.

In these cases, buying and installing mailboxes for USPS delivery makes sense. You likely already have curbside mailboxes or older, centralized mailboxes that have multiple customer compartments but no way to store larger packages for pickup. It is a good idea to upgrade these mailboxes to the new 4C units.

4C mailboxes are the only line of centralized mailboxes approved by the USPS for new installations. These mailboxes have multiple customer compartments in the same sturdy cabinet, and usually include parcel lockers which hold packages until customer pickup. Look for the “USPS Approved” label.

These mailboxes are versatile. Some recess into walls or kiosks, while others can simply mount to any good vertical surface, such as in a lobby. Still others come as freestanding models which mount onto slabs of concrete. These are good for installing outdoors and near parking lots, making USPS delivery easy.

Opting for Private Delivery

 Often, delivery can come from multiple sources, not only the USPS. This is especially true for a commercial property that houses larger businesses.

In this case, someone working within a business or property, such as a clerk, might distribute the mail internally. However, it may still be difficult and time-consuming for an employee or manager to run mail to everyone in a building or complex. This is where mailboxes for private delivery can come in.

Mailboxes for private delivery don’t have to be USPS-approved, which broadens the choices of what types to purchase and where to install them. Mailboxes for private delivery can range from simple, wall-mounted vertical mailboxes to fully centralized systems that include parcel lockers. Look for mailboxes that say, “For Private Use/Access.”

Wall-mounted, freestanding, and recessed centralized units are also available. These units often have square compartments rather than horizontal. They contain varying numbers of customer units for handling regular mail and are good when mail arrives for more than a few different tenants on a property.

Delivery can be quick and easy as well. Rotary mailboxes that turn and allow delivery through the back of the cabinet are available. If more mailboxes get added in the future, rack ladder mailboxes allow managers to add more customer units.

Parcel lockers can still work well for quickly delivering packages within an office building or commercial complex. These packages can include not only USPS-delivered ones, but packages from other carriers as well, as an employee is acting as the final delivery step. Different sizes are available. They may be a good option when packages are a regular occurrence on a property.

Of course, using a centralized mail system for private delivery requires a central location for installation and enough space. This location should be accessible during all business hours. If such a space isn’t available and packages are less of a concern, using simple wall-mounted mailboxes in front of each office or business may work well. Door slots are another viable option.

If all mail delivery is happening within the same business, mail sorters may work well. These consist of cubbies where an employee can sort mail within an organization.

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