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Private Cluster Mailbox Specs – Will They Work for You?

Mailboxes for Commercial Properties

When it comes to getting mailboxes meant for private delivery, which takes place within the same organization or company, the choices can seem overwhelming. Centralized mailboxes approved for this use don’t have the same requirements as the STD-4C series of mailboxes meant for the USPS to service. Their specs, therefore, are somewhat different.

Centralized mailboxes for private delivery are typically wall-mounting or recessed.

Heavy Duty Construction. No matter which type of private delivery mailbox system you choose, it’s good to know that each mailbox is made of aircraft aluminum or 20-gauge steel, both materials that are resistant to damage and tampering. Each compartment also contains its own lock, keeping mail and sensitive documents secure.

Some unit doors are made of die-cast aluminum and have a powder coat brass finish to improve the palette of any mail room. Door locks come as cam locks with five pins for security and come with two keys.

Customer Compartments May Have Different Sizes and Shapes. Once you search for mailboxes for private delivery, you’ll quickly realize that instead of simply horizontal customer cabinets, mailboxes with vertical and square customer doors are also available.

These customer compartments vary in size, from 5×4” square compartments to 10-inch tall, locker-like spaces that can hold packages and larger volumes of mail. The number of compartments also varies per unit, allowing a company, campus, or military base to install units side by side until all needs are met.

Customer compartments, however, are typically 15” deep, allowing them to hold larger volumes of mail.

Despite the individual compartments varying in size, one convenient feature of these mailboxes is that the exterior cabinets tend to be the same size, allowing you to stack units two high or to easily mount two or more units side by side.

Rotary Cabinets Are Available. For some offices that can make use of smaller mailboxes, but still need security such as locks, rotary cabinets are available and are great for saving space.

These cabinets are versatile and attractive and are designed to hold mailbox cabinets on a rack, which rotates to allow delivery through the back. These cabinets come in gray and a wood finish and stand 30 inches wide and 74 inches high.

Look for rack ladder mailboxes when looking to fill a rotary cabinet. Typically, they have five layers to fill with the mailboxes of your choice. You can mix and match to get your desired mailbox number and types.

Rotary mailboxes are ideal when mail delivery and customer pickup need to take place in the same room. They’re also a good idea in smaller spaces, and they’re an attractive option when you need your mailboxes to match your palette.

These cabinets are also great for holding data distribution boxes, which are designed to hold onto sensitive documents.

More Options for Where to Install. Mailboxes meant for private delivery aren’t constrained by where you choose to install them. With USPS mailboxes, you must follow certain height and clearance requirements, but mailboxes for private delivery can be installed higher or lower on walls to meet your own needs.

Wall studs are available to place between mailbox cabinets, stabilizing the installation.

USPS mailboxes also need to accessible during all hours, but private delivery has no such requirements, so it’s possible to lock a mail room during off hours to prevent theft and tampering.

Installing private delivery units in a secure location is possible and a good idea, if sensitive documents are being handled.

Rear Loading Is Also Available. It’s possible to save additional space or avoid crowds by choosing a rear-loading option if one is available for your mailbox setup.

Often, this works if you’re installing these mailboxes on a shared wall, where customers will receive mail on one side and the mail loading area will be on the other side of the wall. This will allow easy loading of mail from behind, with a reduced risk of theft and greater security.

Don’t Forget Name Plates and Tags. If you want to label each mailbox in your system with names or numbers, it’s an easy adjustment to make. Clear plastic number slots allow the insertion of this information, and is a good, quick option. Alternatively, you can order custom door engravings, though this option will take a bit longer.

Reach Out Today. If you’re looking for the right configuration or model to meet your private delivery needs, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to contact us today with any questions about the specifications you’ll need to ensure safe, fast, and efficient mail delivery in your organization.