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Keeping Vandals and Thieves from Your Community Mailboxes


No one wants stolen mail or broken mailboxes. While curbside mailboxes are often the targets of mail thieves and vandals, other types of mailboxes aren’t immune. This includes mailboxes in apartment complexes, multi-family communities, business mailboxes, and more. Did you know that mail thieves are looking for checks and arrow keys? This type of mail […]

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How to Make Sure Your Commercial Mailbox is USPS Approved

You’ve done the planning for your commercial or multi-family property. You’ve chosen your palette, layout, and design. Then you spent lots of money to build or renovate your property, including your mailboxes, which are the centralized type designed to serve anywhere from a few to dozens of customers at once. You’ve invested in these mailboxes […]

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Top Solutions for Inter-Office Mail Delivery

Office mail

Large commercial complexes and companies have a lot of moving parts, and that includes both mail from external sources, outgoing mail, and paperwork. All of these things typically utilize inter-office mailing systems, which sort papers and packages between the offices of the same commercial complex and perhaps the same company. Of course, just like any […]

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Troubleshooting Common Resident Mail Complaints in Your Apartments

Problems and Solutions

Ah, the joys of troubleshooting the issues that come up while running apartment complexes and other multi-family properties. Leaks, cracked sidewalks, lighting issues, and mail complaints are all common things that a property manager will need to address when it comes to preventing too much tenant turnover and losing money. Mail complaints are one of […]

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A Comprehensive Commercial Mailbox Buyer’s Guide

Commercial mailboxes are a vital component of any business or commercial property. They serve as a secure and organized way to receive and distribute mail and packages, ensuring that important communications and deliveries reach their intended recipients efficiently. Whether you are a property manager, a business owner, or a developer, selecting the right commercial mailbox […]

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Ways to Improve Access to Your Centralized Mailboxes

Multi-unit Locking Mailboxes

If you have centralized mailboxes or are planning to install them for your property, complex, or business, you’re likely wondering about how to make them easily accessible. This is especially true if your property and tenants will be getting direct USPS delivery to their compartments, but location is also important for centralized mailboxes that will […]

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The Most Ideal Locations for Multi-Unit Mailboxes at Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes can be complex properties to maintain and manage. If you manage or own a complex, or even a single apartment building, you’ll likely have run into the issue of providing the right mailboxes for your property. And the need for apartment mailboxes is growing; currently, over a third of renters live in apartments. […]