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Old Fashioned Identity Theft: How to Keep Your Identity Safe

There are so many ways for people to steal your identity as technology grows and changes. But are you still protecting yourself against old-fashioned ID theft?

53% of identity theft cases are actually not from a digital source. Your physical information is just as important to keep secure as your digital information. So keeping your mail secure is critical to protecting your identity.

But don’t worry. We’ve got the top 5 things you can do to prevent mail identity theft so you don’t have to stress about keeping your information secure.

1. Get Your Mail In A Timely Manner

When life gets crazy, your mail is probably the last thing on your mind. But keeping it from piling up in your mailbox is really important.

It’s always best to make sure nothing is left in your mailbox overnight. So start making a routine out of doing one last check before you lock up for the night. This way there won’t be any valuable information just sitting in your mailbox for someone to take.

2. Shred Your Already Read Mail

Even once you’re done with your mail, it can be a potential old-fashioned target.

Mail theft not only happens in your mailbox, it can happen in your trash cans, too. A thief will typically go through your discarded mail to try and take whatever information they can.

To ensure there’s nothing for them to take, it’s always best practice to shred anything with your name, address, or billing/health information when you no longer need it.

3. Secure Your Mailbox

If you’re not sure how safe your mailbox is, it may be time to do some shopping.

An easy open mailbox with no lock and a flag up is just begging to be robbed. Don’t even tempt identity theft and upgrade your mailbox to something more secure.

There are several different options of secure mailboxes: a curb standing, a wall mounted, or collection mailboxes. Take a moment to explore each one to see what fits your needs and concerns.

4. Keep Your Lights On When You Leave

We all know that a house that stays dark too many days in a row can get some attention.

Prevent your home from becoming a target while you’re out of town by turning your lights on for a few hours every now and then.

Ask a friend or neighbor to stop by once at the end of each day to collect your mail. This will keep your personal information from piling up and deter a potential theft from your home.

5. Report Any Theft to USPS

In the unfortunate case that you or someone you know does get their mail stolen, always report it to USPS.

In most cases, one person will target a neighborhood. So by reporting to USPS, you can prevent future identity theft from happening. You can simply file online or even call.

This can help your neighborhood’s overall safety and keep it from becoming an easy target for ID theft.

Your Identity Should Stay Yours

Digital ID theft may be on the forefront of your mind when it comes to protecting your information. But old-fashioned identity theft is still at large.

By following these 5 simple ways to prevent mail theft, you’ll be able to keep your identity safe.

To learn more about mailboxes that can keep your information out of the wrong hands, check out our full product line. We’ll help you find the best mailbox for you so you won’t have to worry about ID theft.

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